My Logging and Tractor Repair Shed

I have just finished my logging and tractor repair shed and set it into the layout. I needed more buildings for the area but didn't have a spur track to service the structure, so it is a tractor and truck repair shed.DSCN4287


  • That is fantastic Stephen! Thanks for sharing with us. The wood is weathered perfectly and the rusty roof panels are wonderful. Great use of the shed without the track.
  • Beautiful work Stephen, the lighting is really nice. My favorite is the next to the last picture with the metal roof panel rusted away and the wood sheating underneath, great stuff. Great integration of SierraWest kits into the layout. Virtual SierraWest museum of sorts! Details are wonderful and numerous, so much to see and study. That side view with the two old wagon wheels is beautifully blended in both details and scenic work as is the rear view...Ken
  • An interesting twist on an old favorite. Looks very nice.
  • Stephen, this is great work. Very inspiring as I am building the same kit.

    The rusted metal roof is a bulls eye ! I also like the overall colour. Very well succeeded. Not to dark but still a lot of nuances.

    Lights are a good idea, but I think even a better one with a warmer tone of 'lamps'.
    All the details inside really bring the shed alive. One just wants to go in there and find out what's happening.

    Looks like a great layout you've building there. ! Love to see some more...

  • Thanks Ken for your comments, for the side view details, I just follow directions well. I have more to go.

    Robert, I used the cool lights instead of the warm ones. This is my first venture in putting lights in one of my projects. there will be more in the future.

    And thanks brownbr for you comment.
  • Steve, great work as usual. I really like the lights you used. BTW what kind of lights did you use? Phil
  • Interested in the lights as well
  • Great work btw
  • Some amazing modeling being done. Stephen, Thank you kindly for sharing.
  • Thanks for the nice comment. The light are LED's that I purchased from Evan Designs. They are Nano LED's and Have the wires already soldered to the LED which is very helpful if you ever tried to do the soldering yourself. I have, and it is a real pain in the you know what. It is not as difficult as I thought to install the lights. I have procrastinated to long on their installation process.
  • Looks really good dude. I like all the lights!
  • Thanks Alan, I finally did it and put lights into one of my models

  • Steve, what about the green lamp shades? Where did you get those? Thanks. Phil
  • The lamp shades came from Ngineering and I painted them green.
  • Steve,

    As usual, your customary awesome build. Thanks for sharing it with us. Like you, I have been using the prewired Nano LED's from Evan Designs in Colorado in my structures. I believe they really help the structure come alive. Hope to see the build and your layout first hand soon.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Thank you as always for sharing your wonderful modeling skills. And responding to all questions. That makes this a great forum.
  • Are the LEDs from Evans, LEDs only or also with shades?...I was about to place an order from Dave's Decals for some Gooseneck exterior lights w/shade and a few hanging pendants w/shade....any thoughts?

  • Evan Designs has the goose neck exterior lights and shades. They might have the hanging pendants with shades. I haven't tried Dave's Decals.
  • I visited with Steve Drees today and saw his layout first hand. WOW!!! His build of the Logging and Tractor Repair Shed featured in this thread is really awesome, every bit as neat as what we see in his photos, as are all the other SierraWest Scale Models structures he is incorporating into the layout. Steve has mastered the art of weathered structures that aren't decrepit or near falling down yet. He has a nice gentle touch giving the impression that the structures have been around for a while but are still in good repair, except for some peeling paint. I especially like the weathering on his version of the Engine Repair Facility seen in a previous posting: "Building My Layout with Sierra West Structures" You can review some additional pictures of Steve's other SWSM structures from his layout on this previous posting at:

    Steve's track work is flawless and his equipment runs smoothly through all sections of the layout and its helix, no stops and starts or sudden changes in speed. His Tortise Switch Machines operate all the turnouts flawlessly allowing for smooth running. Good craftsmanship Steve.

    If you are going to be visiting Tucson I encourage you to get in touch with Steve ahead of time and arrange for a visit. His home is easy to find using his directions or your cell phone. It is located off one of the main streets in Tucson, Speedway Blvd, a street that many visitors know well as it becomes Gates Pass Road, the road that takes tourists over the Tucson Mountains on their way to The Desert Museum and Sagauro National Park West. (Both of these locations are great spots to see for families on vacation.)

    We topped off our morning meeting at Steve's with a great lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. Hey, this is Tucson! What did you expect lunch at an Italian Deli?

    Later, Dave S. Living the good life in the Sonoran Desert of Tucson, Arizona
  • put me in the mood to book a flight to Tucson....good food, museums and a chance to visit a great layout
  • Thanks for the nice review of my layout Dave. The PSR convention is going to be in Mesa, Arizona next year in September 25th to the 29th and I plan to have my layout open for the layout tour.
  • Wow what an awesome job! What an absolutely splendid job on everything. The lighting, roof, and all the details. I really always enjoy looking at the figures you incorporate and the story they are telling which makes the model come to life. Fantastic job! Who are the figures from? We need some pictures of the donkey yard too! Are those Fast Tack built switches?
  • edited July 2018
    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the comments on the project. The figures are from Woodland Scenic, Fun and Games, Preiser I believe. I have always thought that the figures add the finishing touch to the model by bringing it alive with a story. I had the switches custom built for me. There are pictures of the donkey yard on the following thread.
  • Steve,
    Thank you for the information! I missed those pictures when I was gone. Can't wait to get started on the Donkey Yard. I will definitely being looking at those pictures and Mike Engler's from his build too.

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