Diorama : The Hangar

Although there's only one small SW build in it, It is placed towards the back because the scale, 1/48 is slightly smaller than the one the rest is build in. 1/43,5. It aids with the perspective. ( one of the dueling shacks) I'd like to show you my latest diorama.
The scale is O metric. The rolling stock is brass build. Everything is home made. I painted the backdrop. Just an imaginary , plausible landscape.
Hope you enjoy it.














Thanks for watching

Robert :)


  • Beautiful!
  • Fantastic realism in every photo! Please keep the details coming.
  • Your scratch building skills are obvoius here and your scene composition is amazing as are your attention to details. Your quite the painter as well, wonderfully done. Love the peeling weathered white paint on the posts in the last picture!
  • Every time I look at your photographs, I wonder where you took the pictures, they look so real.
  • Thanks Ken. Yes I did do some paintings a long time ago.

    DSCN0918 kopie

    DSCN0920 kopie

    Steven, the smaller items are taken in the garden, with natural daylight, but this diorama was photographed indoors. To big and heavy to drag around. Just the lightning installed in the showcase was used. And my small Nikon Coolpix P340 pocket camera. I do use a tripod. A large diaphragm, so much depth.

  • Amazing work Robert. No surprise but the level of realism is quite impressive. It also has an certain artistic voice which ties everything together beautifully.
  • Very impressive!...beautifully done, the glint of the sun rays is just perfect.
  • Wonderful Robert! Thanks so much for sharing.
  • Thank you Ken. As a restorer of Art & Antiques for so long , and without wanting to be immodest or pretentious , one has to have a diversity of artistic skills in his backpack... :wink:
  • Based upon what you've been posting your 'backpack' must be fairly large to hold all the skills you exhibit...Well done buddy ;-))
  • Thanks Terry.

    With pleasure Brett.
  • Robert,

    Your modeling is so realistic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Terry, You beat me to it. That is a HUGE backpack. One even in my prime shape I could not lift. Stunning work. Again I am speechless. I need to enhance my vocabulary.
  • Robert,

    On your photography technique I have a question, I thought that the smaller the diaphragm as you call it or aperture, that you get more depth of field.
  • edited July 2018
    Stephen, I meant the higher the aperture number, like F /16 the bigger the depth of field. You are right, the diaphragm itself will be small. I didn't express myself correct. Although I speak a mouthful of English, I sometimes need some Google help..... :blush:
  • Does you camera have an F/16 Aperture. The ones I have seen today only go to F/8.
  • No it doesn't, it is not a professional one.... Only to F/8
  • Robert, I'm absolutely entranced by your modeling. I love the clean crisp simplicity of it. And those freaking trees! How did you make the trees? And where can I see more of your modeling? Thank you.
  • Eric, He has many on this site. If you can not find them send me a PM, and I will give you the headings to look for. The dude is good.
  • Thanks Eric. With more than 50 hours per tree, old oaks in springtime, they better be 'freaking' good..... :smiley:
  • Robert, I read about your tree techniques. Actually, I realized how easy it was to find all your threads that you began. It is beyond interesting to see the work of a modeler who is intensely observing the world around him, and THEN attempting to model it. In painting (art world) now, we have a group of realists called (by me) pixel pimps. They merely copy photographs exactly and have no artistic consciousness of the basics of art or of the world around them. The work is dead and cold. As usual people (the art world) cannot tell the difference. I have taken the liberty of posting a few of my images on my introduction page. Quite rightly, Brett does not want threads wandering everywhere like the limbs of your incredible trees. I find too many modelers copy the work of known modelers, not referring back to the goddess.
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