ON30 layout progress pics

Hope these pictures might be of interest.

Tractor repair shed with partially completed scenery, future machine shop area to the left, and also to the left in the far distance a planned township area.



My attempt at figure painting


The start of the sawmill project.


A view of the road looking towards the planned distant sawmill area, with room to the left for the rigging, tool, and wood cutters sheds.





  • Hi Malcolm, this looks really fantastic. What a layout you've got there. As I am just building the Tractor & logging repair shed, it is very inspiring. Where do those typical figurines come from? Please keep those photos coming , from the sawmill build aswel .Mine is also on the list of future builds.
    Thanks for posting.
  • That's a great looking layout. I'd like to see more.
  • Looking great...keep the updates coming
  • Wow, what a joy to see what you have been up to! Incredible work Malcolm. I especially like the integration of the dioramas and ground cover. Very natural. Thank you for sharing and feel free to post more pics!
  • Fantastic looking layout Malcolm. Beautiful modeling across the spectrum, structures to scenery.
    I too would like to see some more views of the layout and it would also be a pleasure to follow along with updates as you build the sawmill.
    It looks like you've made considerable and excellent progress already.

  • Malcolm, Great work, thank you for sharing. The figures are outstanding. I also am curious as to where they came from. Please allow us to see more.
  • Wonderful layout Malcolm and love seeing all the SierraWest builds so masterfully integrated into the scenes. Love the large trees, nicely scaled...great stuff!
  • Very exciting to see these beautiful kits in their natural habitat. You've done a great job of making everything fit together as one seamless design. Aside from a healthy bit of jealousy I am excited to see more of your work. Keep the pictures coming.
  • Your ground scenery is awesome. I feel like I'm in the backwoods...especially in that first picture.

    Thanks for sharing!
  • I'm digging you Alan. Indeed very nice work Malcolm.
  • Malcolm, Very Nice more pictures
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