The Detectorists

I’ve been watching a British TV series named Detectorists about two guys whose hobby is metal detecting....subtle humor....anyone else ever hear about this series?



  • i love it. i binge watched the first two seasons. subtle is an understatement.
  • I will check it out. Love the Brits. Well almost all of them.
  • Ordered the first two seasons. Thanks guys. You both have very good taste. Nothing wrong with a few "F" bombs.
  • My wife said the story line could have revolved around two guys who’s Hobby was model building...she was smiling as she said it so I let it slide
  • You are a smart man. Some battles are unwinnable.
  • i also recommend the movie "the station agent". it's not british but it's a very good and enjoyable movie that stars peter dinklage who inherits an abandoned railroad station from his hobby shop boss. quirky but fun.
  • It is very good.
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