Starting an 0n30 layout

Now that I am into the building of SW structures, I want to plan a layout around them. A logging theme of course. Now, what kind of rolling stock, locomotives should I use, and more important, where and from whom to buy them. Here in France or Belgium there is absolute zero in this 0n30 scale ..... So it will have to come from the US. Any suggestions ? Thanks



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    Robert....Bachman offers ON30 locos modeled after Porter and Sterns-Heisler steam locomotives...both styles lend themselves to a back woods logging theme....look them up on the Bachman site...item number(s) 28801/28805/28806.28257/28259/28261...mail order purchase perhaps...also Sierra Scale Models (not to be confused with Sierra West Scale Models) offers some inexpensive log car kits

    Good luck

    Terry ...Orlando, Florida ("The World's Happiest Place")
  • Robert...Opps...scratch the log car kits...they appear to be good for you ;-((
  • That's why the are inexpensive....HOn3 . ... :blush:
    Thanks Terry
  • Robert,

    See if you can get some of the ON30 Annuals by White River Productions. The advertisements should lead you to locomotives and equipment that are available.. The most recent 2018 issue was published in April, 2018. You can contact the publisher WhiteRiver Productions by phone at 1-877-787-2467 or online at and order direct. The 2018 issue also has a feature article by Paul Taylor showing his build of a diorama using one of Brett's kits, The Wood Cutters Shack.

    From the first few ads in the current issue it looks like Bachmann will offer an 0-6-0 switcher this fall at $399.00 It will be DCC (sound) equipped according to the ad.

    For track and switches it looks like Peco is a possible supplier. Micro Engineering also has ON30 turnouts. Or for do-it-your-selfers there are ON30 turnout jigs from Fast Tracks.

    For freight car kits check out San Juan Car Company.

    With your skill level I can easily see you scratch building a great deal of the equipment based on articles found in the ON30 Annual publication.

    For a one stop hobby shop for all your needs you might consider Coronado Scale Models in Phoenix, Arizona. Both owners, Stan and Sheldon are lifelong O-Scale modelers. You can check out some of Stan's equipment builds on the Proto 48 site at

    If you are looking for a Fall vacation, the Narrow Gauge Annual Convention will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA this year from September 5- 8, 2018. Last year tyhe convention was in Denver, Colorado.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, Arizona
  • Thank you very much Dave, you've got me ....on tracks !!
  • Well done Dave. Great advice.
  • Thanks Robert and Ed. My pleasure.

    Later, Dave S Tucson, AZ
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