The Hangar

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I started this scratch build project for my next diorama (which will include SW ) last august. So don't think I have a secret device to speed up builds.... :)
A wooden hangar, old wooden trusses,, concrete (cardboard) floor, corrugated metal and brick wall. This time the bricks are made, one by one, out of cork. A matter of exploring different techniques And of course, functional lightning...

titelfoto  kopie

.foto 80  kopie

foto 81  kopie

foto 82  kopie

foto 83  kopie

foto 84  kopie

Thanks for watching.



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    Very nice...what are the column piers made out of....what scale?

  • I am particularly loving the concrete and the undercarriage... excellent Robert. Thanks for sharing.
  • As always, O scale and piers made out of cardboard. Later some how I did it photos.
  • Some ' behind the scenes... photos

    foto 11  kopie

    foto 22  kopie
    foto 24  kopie
    foto 33 kopie
    foto 79  kopie

  • Wow (yet again)!
    Great modeling and an interesting subject. I don't think I've ever seen an overhang (1:1 or in scale) constructed like that. I'm assuming they wanted cover for the loading dock but it would hang too low and interfere with rail cars if it was constructed any other way.
    Are there any proto pictures you're aware of?

    Cool idea with using cork for the bricks. What type of cork did you use? I was thinking road-bed cork, but the pictures above look much smoother than that stuff.
    Excellent weathering (as always!)
  • So well done Robert! Concrete and brick work is amazing...
  • Bill, this is the only one I found and where mine is based upon.
    The cork is just wall decoration cork 1,5 mm which I prepared with diluted white glue in a way it got stronger . This to prevent falling apart when cutting into tiny pieces. Like bricks...

    foto 0  kopie
  • Nice! Thanks again for sharing and the update
  • the pics of the model look like the real thing. and i don't mean in relation to the proto picture. i mean, it doesn't look at all like a model. it's amazingly realistic looking. awesome modeling.
  • Fantastic work as always Robert. How did you do the concrete? The color and texture is great.

  • I used real cement and plaster. On top of, that some washes and pigments (chalks)
  • kebmo said:

    the pics of the model look like the real thing. and i don't mean in relation to the proto picture. i mean, it doesn't look at all like a model. it's amazingly realistic looking. awesome modeling.

    Yeah - I saw the first picture and assumed that was the prototype and was expecting to scroll down and see the photos of the model. But, no. That was the model. Man o man....

    I would say that Robert models in OH! scale.

    Love your work, Robert. Everything you share is a real treat to look at.

  • Remarquable. Robert, you bring me great joy.
  • I'm liking this a lot. Excellent work.
  • Beautiful wood colouring as always Robert and that
    brick and concrete work is something to be admired.
    A real pleasure to see your work as always.

  • Thanks everyone.
  • Fantastic as always
  • Whilst working on the Sawmill, here are some photos of the finished Goods Shed ( we say Hangar) diorama. Everything is scratch build. The rolling stock are brass kits. (1/43,5)

    Title photo










    ending photo


  • It's an amazing build.
  • Holy crap, that is unbelievably good. Amazing job, congratulations.
  • Great work Robert! I really love the texture on the brick wall.
  • Very European. I will echo Jim's comment Holy crap. That means damn that is GOOD.
    A remarkable achievement. Robert, thank you for sharing.
  • Again I thought that this is a 1 to 1 scale. But the giveaway was that stiff guy in the last photo. Amazing well done. this gets a big WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • He's not stiff, he is old.
  • Outstanding work! That brick wall looks real!
  • Incredible work Robert as always.
  • He is old and stiff. Believe me, I know from personal experience
  • Just beautiful!!

  • A feast for the eyes!!!!
  • Turned out beautifully Robert...great catching up on the final product
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