RR Camp--Vietnamseabee/Terry & Brett

Used 5 min epoxy on the Railroad camp stone walls. Worked out great. Applied a VERY thin amount on both joining edges. None oozed out. Walls are square and perpendicular. Some edges of stones did not line up, so I took a #11 and carved them to match, after the epoxy was dry. Slight re-touch with chalks blended them in well.
Brett-thanks for your advice to "relax and enjoy".
Terry, good luck in gluing up. Thanks for your reply.
To others that might read this posting, remember, I am a complete novice in building a kit like this, so my learning curve is sharp. I have looked at and read virtually every post on this forum, and have learned a lot, thanks to all of you. Now I just have to put it all into practice. Will re-read the forum multiple times, as well as Brett's instructions contained with the kit.
When I have something that will take a good picture, Will forward to the forum.. Right now I have a flip phone and a 35mm camera. Will update sometime.


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