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Help would be appreciate on how much or how little 5 minute epoxy to use. I want to epoxy together the stone house from the railroad camp kit (HO). Never used this stuff before, and am at a loss. I have no other resin pieces on which I could try first. Using scrap wood I don't feel would be right as the wood will absorb a certain amount of the resin. Have used epoxy in the real world on a large wood boat, but any dribbles could be cleaned up with acetone. That stuff would kill the paint/chalk on the stones, so I don't want to have to try to clean up a mess.
Any hints/tips would be appreciated. Thank you. Frank G.


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    Frank...I don't have an experienced answer for you but I'm about two steps away from gluing the same walls together...Unless I hear differently from someone I'm going to use Clear Gorilla glue and keep the continuous beads (about a 1/32 dia) towards the interior edge so if some were to ooze out it would be on the inside...looking forward to seeing any other replies

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    I have been using the epoxy for 30+ years and never had any issues. I have never used the GG myself but have had several customers mention problems. I would stick with the epoxy... why mess around? The application advice Terry provides is spot on. One thing I love about the epoxy is after is finishes its "stringy" stage (just before it hardens fully - time depends upon ambient temp but about 5 -7 mins) you can cleanly pick any visible residue or with tweezers or the tip of your blade. In any event relax and enjoy!
  • Terry and Brett, thanks for replying. Am going to use the 5 min epoxy this weekend. Will let you know the result. Terry, yes I planned on putting the front most together first, (at about a 110 degree angle), then bringing the sides together to the 90 degree angle so the excess oozes out on the inside. Going to use minimal epoxy. Will try not to have any ooze out so if in the future I build something that will show the interior, I will (hope) have the knowledge of this experience. I scuffed up the joining edges with 180 grit sand paper to give the epoxy some "tooth" to adhere to. Will let you know the result.
    Brett---Your advice is great; "relax and enjoy". I sometimes forget. Will do. Thank you.
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