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As I continue work on my layout, I've been on the hunt for books on logging and the timber industry. How would you complete this statement? "The 3 books on logging every modeler should own are _____________" I'm looking for titles that you guys consider worthwhile. Don't be limited by the number "3" either. I have exactly NONE at the moment (well...other than the Kalmbach book on logging railroads).
There are no right or wrong answers...just your opinions.



  • 1 Pino Grande R S Polkinghorn

    2 Railroads in the Woods J T Labbe & V Goe

    3 Redwood Lumber Industry Lynwood Carranco or

    Logging the Redwoods Lynwood Carranco & J T Labbe

    4 Working in the Woods Ken Drushka

    Those will get you going and there are a few trees worth of paper in that little lot so treat them with respect .

  • I second Nick's list - all GREAT books.

    I would add the first four or five years of TimberTimes magazine to the list as well... lots of information and drawings/plans.
  • 1-Island Timber& Mountain Timber by R.S.Mackie 2-Logging by Rail & Vancouver Island rail roads by R.D.Turner 3-Steel Rails and Silver Dreams by D. Murault and an assortment of TimberTimes
  • Twin mills actually adapts very well to the UP of Michigan (with some embellishment. 0If you want books about that area...
    Deep Woods Frontier by T karamanski. 200+ page book. Buy a note book and pretend to take notes like your in college.
    Michigans Lumbertowns by Kilar. At first blush you might think lower michigan lumberman had nothing to do with the UP. But eventually they all set the sights north.

  • The name of my favorite book escapes me but I think it was done by Benchmark. It was about the Caspar, South Fork and Eastern Railroad. The only downside was that it was standard gauge. But wow, everything from incredibly ugly 0-4-0 to several 2-6-6-2's, homemade rail cars, wood disconnects, sawmills and steamships. If my modeling skills ever allow it I would love to model this railroad.
  • I just found it. Mallets on the Mendocino Coast by Ted Wurm, published by Timber Times. Great Book!
  • Awesome! Thanks for the additions to the list. I started this thread after Father's Day when my wife said I never give her any "good" ideas. She's never gonna find any of these, but I've been bidding when they come upon eBay. I'm 0 for 5 so far!
  • Consistency is a commendable trait........
  • Yes, but I'd rather not be a consistant loser!
  • Don't forget Amazon. They often have better deals on used books than eBay.
  • Timber Times advertises "Mallets on the Mendocino Coast" on their website for $39.95.
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    Could you tell us what would have been the last issue # for Timber Times first 4 or 5 years ?? I am owed a birthday present, and the first couple of years of Timber Times seems like a good idea to me.

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    Did you check the Timbertimes website John? as posted by Mike above.
    I'm sure they have all the issue numbers and dates listed.

    You should be able to pick and choose the perfect gift......

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    This is the info I have; sorry that it doesn't transfer by cut and paste from Outlook to the website very well. I don't have the month's of publication for the 1995 and first 1996 issues; it doesn't appear anywhere in the magazines.

    Timber Times
    #1 Winter 1993 #2 Spring 1993 #3 Summer 1993 #4 Fall 1993
    #5 Winter 1994 #6 Spring 1994 #7 Summer 1994 #8 1995
    #9 1995 #10 1995 #11 1995
    #12 1996 #13 Aug 1996 #14 Dec 1996
    #15 Feb 1997 #16 May 1997 #17 Oct 1997
    #18 Jan 1998 #19 Aug 1998
    #20 Jan 1999 #21 June 1999
    #22 Feb 2000 #23 June 2000 #24 Dec 2000
    #25 May 2001 #26 Oct 2001
    #27 Feb 2002 #28 July 2002 #29 Dec 2002
    #30 Apr 2003 #31 Dec 2003
    #32 Apr 2004 #33 Sept 2004
    #34 Mar 2005 #35 July 2005 #36 Dec 2005
    #37 Apr 2006 #38 July 2006 #39 Oct 2006
    #40 Jan 2007 #41 July 2007
    #42 Jan 2008 #43 June 2008 #44 Dec 2008
    #45 May 2009 #46 Nov 2009
    #47 June 2010 #48 Nov 2010
    #49 July 2011
    #50 Jan 2012 #51 June 2012 #52 Nov 2012

    You should also check out Tall Timber Short Lines, another great one.

    Mike M.
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    Thanks Mike,much appreciated.

    Bought "Mallets on the Mendocino Coast" for x-mas".
  • TimberTimes is a really good resource as well as OLDER gazettes and finescale's. The forums have really killed these mags since most of what is published has already been posted online.
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