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I model solely for the joy of modeling....working on a model clears my head...the more complicated and intense the model the better I like it...I have no layout so my models are displayed on a shelf and if I came across the right local club or layout where my models would fit in (period/style wise) I would perhaps even give them away. I was just wondering if anyone else is into modeling similar to myself or do most of you model to populate a layout?. I'm working on my first SWSM (Railroad Camp) and as someone stated in another thread, in the forseeable future I will probably purchase any HO model Brett comes up with as the complexity of his models fit well with my 'head clearing'......completing a model seems to take me much longer (several months) than many of you as I have so many other things going on....I write books about Vietnam and continue to work (although the R word has begun to enter my vocabulary) so when I do 'spear' out some time to model I value the time greatly...thanks my story and I'm stickin' to it...Terry


  • Terry, Many do what you do. More than you might think. The joy derived is the most important thing. And having a great forum to participate in makes it all the better.
    If I were you I would stick to your story.
    If I may ask, are your books historical?
  • I believe Ed is 100% correct, and very well sated:

    "The joy derived is the most important thing."
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    Ed...the three books I've published are about the U.S. Navy Seabees (Naval Construction Force) during the Vietnam Era...they aren't novels but rather chronology's (1967, 1968, and 1969) covering personal stories by the Seabees who were there as well as explanations of the military and civic action (civilian) projects 'we' worked on during that era. They are photo rich 'coffee table' books. All three books are sold out and no longer available....not so different from Brett's early kits
  • The better the item the quicker it sells. The way it should be. I try to stay away from the lowest common denominator. Terry, you are a good addition to the forum.
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    Hi Terry, I started out modeling to populate a layout, that I didn't have yet, and enjoyed the modeling so much I never got back to building one. Maybe when I'm retired I'll get a layout going...only if I suceeded in my goal of building every HO/HOn3 SWSM kit!
  • terry,
    i'm in almost the same boat. (no pun intended) i've been building kits for years, and only have some benchwork up for an On30 logging rr. i'll bet there's alot of us on here that don't actually have any trains running.
    i did however purchase a locomotive a short while back. i have hopes....

    by the way, when i joined the nav in 75 i wanted to get into the seabees,but at the time it was a closed rate. i ended up as an operations specialist instead.
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    After I retired I wanted to get back into building models like I did in High school and college. Once I went to work full time after graduation I didn't have the patience for it. So when I retired, needing something to keep me busy, I got back into modeling. I bought kits based on what I liked such as Main Street and the Locomotive Engine Service Facility and entered them in the local NMRA Division contests. Then several years ago, I started to design a layout and I started construction on it 2 years ago. Now a days when you build a layout, you think about the era, operations, mainline rr, shortline rr etc. Now, I am picky about what models I want to build that will work into my layout scheme. By the way, I have a home on my layout for thee engine service facility and main street My layout has a logging and mining theme.
  • Hi Terry; received your note about using gorilla glue on the rr camp stone building. Thank you, but will stick with 5 min epoxy. Am going to use it this weekend. Will let you know.
    My purpose for modeling is to keep me busy. Retired, 74 yrs old, with severe spinal issues, so my mobility is very limited. Built an HO layout for my sons about 45 years ago. It consisted of a 4x8 sheet of plywood, dual oval, a couple of sidings, small mountains, a fake stream and a lot of "plastic" buildings. Some grass and dirt. Kids loved it. Kept it for a few years. When they grew out of it, away it went. Never had time before to further pursue the hobby. So now here I go. Started a year ago with small wood kit buildings to learn "how to" work with paints, glue, chalks etc. Never got the hang of it until I discovered Brett and his kits. A big learning curve, and doing better. Hope I don't mess up the rr camp too badly. All will be part of a layout (not yet started), not going to take to shows. Strictly for my enjoyment. Good luck with the kit.
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