My ON 30 Freighthouse scratch build.

Well sort of a scratch build. Brett provided me with a couple of drawings in HO scale I had forgotten to save from my HO build. I up scaled the drawings of his and what I had retained to O scale and gave it a shot. The following pictures are the result.

I had a dickens of a time cleaning out the brain cells trying to get the pics ready and inserted here so we shall see how it all plays out.

I had a difficult time with the smaller roof getting it scaled and cut to the "correct"? size but all and all it's not too far off.

This build went off and on for months as I had a lot of back issues last year and I wasn't able to keep at it for any length of time nor to keep up with this great forum!

Now the story. There always has to be a story. There was a big wind storm that came through Sleepy Hollow logging camp and as you can see, one old snag snapped off leaving two holes in the roof of the old barn. The roofer, Herman, is really pissed as the two loggers that were to cut and remove the snag top from the roof never showed up. Someone said they were hung over. Herman also had a hell of a time getting his ladder positioned so he could get on the roof.

The camp owner, Waldo, is asking the Sup, Heavy, where are the loggers. The Foreman, Red, is standing by.

Trash is being burned by Sam, ( thanks Ken for this great idea!!) while Larry gets more shakes ready for Herman.

Herman's brother, Hank is just finishing the new shake roof for the freight house office. And so goes the day in Sleepy Hollow logging camp.
IMG_0061 (800x598)

Thanks for looking guys and I will appreciate any corrective comments to help me improve my work.



  • I forgot to mention this was my first attempt hand laying track so it might not be up to par. I also apologize for some of the pic's background as I didn't do a good job keeping the clutter out of the photo's.

  • Bill. Way to go my friend the track work looks great and the story and scene are right on everything looks real good to me I would just get rid of the two loggers that did not show up. ..........Carl
  • Ken. Check out the track work not to bad you think. ....Carl
  • Great job. Nice coloring and weathering. Track looks fine to me.

  • Excellent modeling Bill, that sure looks great in O Scale.
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    Reminds me of The Equipment Warehouse from the SWSM Logging Camp Main Street kit.

    Wonderful work Bill, and such a great back story. Scenic work with the topography is great with the structure(s) tucked in amongst all the cliffs and outcroppings. Roof work is especially nice. Love the burn barrel and your ash scattered around the base is spot on. I like this detail so much I have done it on just about every build including my current project.

    Hand laid track detail is very well done in my opinion. I bet you didn't use any or as much foul language like I did working your track detail in O Scale!
  • Ken, Bill is a gentleman. He would never use the same words you and I use. I have a feeling I use many more than you do.
    Bill, Great job on everything. Track work is very well done. Be proud my brother.
  • Hey guys, Thanks for all the nice words. I appreciate you looking. This was a very "cheap" build as I used most all of my leftover material and cleaned out scraps. I can see I need to build a new ladder for Henry on the office roof as the rungs are way out of scale. I may need to carve some rungs as I am out of 1X4 and 2X4.

    Carl, As you can see I repositioned the roofer, Herman's, ladder and added a kind of phony foot support for him. Thanks! I cut all the track rails to 40 foot scale. I laid it all before my memory cleared a bit to remember that there were tie plates and rail joiners out on the net. I have not added the joiners yet but will in the spring. If I had had the tie plates I would have used them on every tie. As it is, I just threw some down at various locations adjacent to the track.

    Jerry, thanks! Comments regarding the track please see above. And thanks for your recommendation on the brick wall material. As this was a very "cheap" build I finally decided to just use wood. However, I would have loved to use the brick.

    Brett, thank you! And thanks for those HO templates. I still never did figure out the small roof so I just stumbled along. :(

    Ken, thanks so much. Yes it is the Equipment Warehouse. I mis-named it. The shake roofs coloring was all with paints. I am pleased as I wanted old weathered shakes. The "oyster" dry brushing does not show very much. I do like the burn barrel and ashes. Thanks for giving us that neat detail. I got my ashes from my son's fire pit. Have a ziplock full, enough for the rest of my life.

    Ed my man. Thanks for your kind comments. Be aware I did revert back to younger years with some foul language on this build at times, but not much. I am a pretty low key guy now.

    Thank you all!


    A note: I use Geezerbill so that I won't be confused with the wonderful modeler Bill her on the forum.
  • Very nice diorama. The roof works are a nice detail, so is the fallen tree.
  • Thanks Robert! I appreciate you looking and your comments.

  • Bill who?
  • engine909 said:

    Bill who?

    How soon we forget! They say the first thing to go is the mind!!! I'm smiling!!


  • Really nice work. Looking forward to you r next project.
  • Ed, Jerry, Huh. Believe me I know about that memory part.

    Joel, thanks so much. I always enjoy your builds! I'm really glad to see your wonderful work on O'Neill's.

    Now we need to get Allan going on a new kit.

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    I was going back through recent threads and came across this,
    great looking build Bill, and not a small one,
    roof lines and siding colours came out very nicely indeed.

  • Thanks Karl, I have been away with that DREADED flu for a while. Really set me back on my heels so I am just getting back to the forum today. Thank you for your nice comments. I really appreciate them a great deal! It was a fun build as I had never done much of a scratch build nor had ever hand laid track before.

  • Its a great structure, with perfect proportions, as always from Brett, you did a wonderful job on it. It never crossed my mind to do it all wood, I do like it.
    I just did my upscale with brick like the original..
    As I said, really nice work.

  • Thanks again Karl!! I was going to do the bricks like the HO original but finally decided to go with the wood. On the shake roofs I used Sierra scale cedar and cut them to scale with and lengths. The thickness of the shakes is a bit much but for visual they look about right. I really like shake roofs so I try to put them on almost all my builds.

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