The Engine House at Eureka Springs - Final Photo's

I am finished with this build for now and Thank You for looking.




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  • Thank you for allowing us the honor to watch you build this amazing structure.
  • Fantastic build Carl!
  • Outstanding modeling Carl. So what will be the next adventure?

  • You should be proud of this one.
  • Thank's again for taking the time. ...........Carl
  • Great work Carl. And in the springtime, some photos outside. Your diorama will look even better than it is already!!!!!
  • Congratulations Carl on another stellar build. Again, so nice to see this classic SWSM Kit done and done so's been Carlized!
  • Thank's Ken. I am going to add some lighting soon. Again Thank's for looking. .....Carl Robert we just been dumped on again lots of snow so it may be a while.
  • Beautiful work Carl! Weathered on the outside with no signs of it inside. Not as easy as it sounds. That weathered engine looks geat too.
  • Great looking build. Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

  • Fantastic work Carl. You really did a great job on this one.
  • Way to go Carl!
    I love how the look of your exterior wood on this project reflects the same age/weathering as the Twin Mills in the background. An important consideration when two models are going to "live" on the same stage.
    Well done!
  • Hi Men. Thank's for the kind words it was a fun kit lots of open areas to see the inside. Bill I had a unopened bottle of the famous Driftwood so being a older kit I used a 100.00 bottle of stain on it gives it some character......................Carl
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    This is a fantastic build Carl. The $100.00 bottle of stain was well worth it. I like the character of your wood. I wish I had place on my layout for this engine facility.
  • Thank's Steve for the kind words the footprint is not that big so try and find a place it is a neat kit.................Carl
  • I already have the engine service facility on the layout in my sawmill area and only one shay locomotive.
  • I have quite a assortment of loco's and not a lot of rolling stock so I am thinking about the work train next or the Machine Shop in a abandon look just thinking right now....Carl
  • Wonderful build Carl. It was great catching up on your build. Great build thread and pictures. I know you had fun with it and the quality is so good.

    Regards, Bill
  • Thank You Bill long time no here how are you?
  • Bill, We do miss you.
  • Carl, I'll send you a pm.

  • Thanks Ed !!

  • Hi Carl,

    I have really enjoyed watching you put this kit together. The stone work is exceptional.
    Everything blends together exceptionally well!

  • Thank's Jim it is a neat kit and fun to build............Carl
  • When you see such workmanship it makes you want this kit.
  • Exceptional workmanship from a damn nice man. Gets no better than that.
  • beautiful diorama! seriously great piece of modeling.
  • Thank You Young Man your work is right up there also keep it up. .........Carl
  • Carl, I guess compared to us Kevin is a young man. But we are young in spirit. Aren't we.
  • Indeed Ed, you and Carl are young and in spirit. Wonderful build Carl! Really very nice. Looking forward to your next.

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