Hello from Berkley, MI

Hello folks,

My name is Karl Osolinski and I'm brand new to Brett's forum. My friend Carl Laskey suggested I join in the fun here so here I am. Although I no longer have a layout I do still build HO scale models. I do both kit and scratch building and have ended up with a bunch of dioramas that just sit around doing nothing but I still enjoy looking at some of them. I'm 72 years old, married (44 years) and have lived in Berkley, MI for 41 years. Thanks for having me.

Karl Osolinski
Berkley, MI


  • Hi Karl. Glad that you made it over here lot's of good guy's here I give you a call next week. .........Carl
  • Well played Carl to give Karl O. a nudge to post here on the forum! Your reputation as a superb modeler and a admirable person has preceded you Karl! So glad to see you back modeling and posting here on the forum. Welcome!...Ken
  • Karl, a real joy to see you here! Welcome.
  • Welcome aboard Karl from Berkley...a lifetime ago I lived in Whitehall (Muskegon), MI

  • Welcome Karl. If you Google his name you will see some of his work, which I have admired for quite a while. Take a look, you will be impressed.
  • Wow! Great to see you here Karl!
    If I remember correctly, your basement fell victim to a flood not too long ago. I hope all is wel in Michigan and Im looking forward to you posting here. What are you working on?
  • Is this the Famous Karl O..or just an impostor?
  • Karl O.,

    Glad to see you join this group. Looking forward to seeing you post some photos of your legendary scratch builds over here. There are plenty of great modelers over on this forum who are willing teachers for all of us to learn from and stretch our modeling boundaries. Several of the very skilled modelers on the forum are right in your (our/my) age group. You will feel right at home here.

    Later, Dave S Tucson, AZ
  • Looking forward to seeing you build the kits in the Sierra West line. Your previous postings on another forum included beautiful photos of your models. Can't wait to follow along.
  • Alan, Is is the real dude. Karl, everyone will benefit by your presence. I look forward to seeing your first Sierra West build. One of those might take you a week. Welcome brother.
  • Karl great to see you over here.

  • Welcome aboard
  • one of the best modelers i've ever seen.... very happy to see you on this forum karl. your postings tend to make everyone a better modeler.
  • Welcome Karl. Great to have you here, I’m a big fan of your work.

  • Karl, it is always such a pleasure to look at photos of your modeling! I look forward to your input and techniques here. My modeling is quite poor and I basically am finished modeling as I started way to late in my life. However, it is a joy to see what everyone here builds and the talents they all have and their willingness to share there methods. They all are a great group!! With you joining the group we will all benefit. Welcome!

  • Karl, Everything Bill says is true, except the dude can still model. Plus he is a great guy.
  • Karl glad you are a forum member. You have many years of experience and can really help others out with the knowledge you have. I never belonged to any other forums but have been amazed and enjoyed watching you build the many kits you posted. I have looked many times at Marios site to get ideas and color schemes from the pictures of your builds there. Welcome!
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