My HO version of O'Neill's Fabrication

I only get one of these kinds of kits once a year, at Christmas. I have been a FSM fan for years but just couldn't find the right one that suit me. I wanted a kit that would challenge and improve my modeling skills. I searched and searched then found these gems. I cannot say enough good things about this kit, it's awesome instruction manual, or it's creator. You have a new customer for life. Thank you for the skills you share with us as we work thru the build. I am so pleased with the way my version turned out, I love just sitting and staring at it. Thanks again.
I would like to share a few oics of my build. I strayed in a couple of areas such as the real cedar shingles on the welding shop and tower.


  • Wow! Outstanding work, Mike. It sounds (and looks) like you've become a SWSM disciple like the rest of us!
    I hope you plan on sharing more pictures of your model.
    Welcome aboard!
  • Mike with your skills I'm surprised you haven't built SWSM kits before. Great build and welcome to the forum.
  • Great work Mike. I, too, am just getting on the SWSM bandwagon. You'll find a great group of guys here. Welcome aboard.

  • Splendid work here Mike. Your story is a familiar one! SierraWest Scale Models is truely a fine scale modeler's dream much is done right and Brett has the vision that keeps every kit he produces on the cutting edge of modeling technology and innovation. Again, great job on O'Neills and on to your next SWSM build...can't wait to see what you do...Ken
  • Mike! Welcome. What a wonderful job. Your coloration is excellent. Thank you for sharing your O'Neills with us here. I truly love to see all these kits built up!
  • Looks Great Mike. All your colors blend together quite nicely. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ooooo. I like it. The fire barrels are an interesting twist.

    So what is the red/white detail in a box on the ground by the back loading dock? It looks like a chicken. I tried zooming in but can't really tell. If it's a chicken, I got a good laugh. If it's not, I'm going to continue to call it a chicken.
  • brownbr, it's three of the bottles in the castings and some red Xmas wrapping tissue, to simulate rags. Funny that you should get a kick out of that thinking it was a chicken, I have been torn over weather or not I want to place some pigeons here and there. It's painting on the poop that would be everywhere that is stopping me. Lol!! Tell ya what, I have some chickens on my layout, I'll stick one next to the box for you. Lol! The dog needs a companion anyway.
    The fire barrels are because I'm doing an FSM kit that used them. They just seemed to fit the welding shop and I like how they covered the top flashing.
    Thank you everyone for your comments. I was hoping my build could stand with your builds. I just love this new confidence in my skills as I go back to finish that FSM kit while waiting for the new Foundry kit.
    admn Could we have it by Xmas?
  • Very nice work. I really like the color combinations. Phil
  • Really nice thing about buying one of Brett's kits. It really is an investment. Now you can go back and work on all those other kits and get much better results. Not to the level of a finished SW kit but still pretty great. Probably my favourite part of building one of his kits is learning great techniques. I can't get enough. Glad you are itching to start the next one, hopefully the wait for the Foundry is not too long.
  • Hi Mike. Your build is just as it should be.................Carl
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