New to the forum... but not new to Expo peeps!

Greetings Folks,

At the 2017 Expo I had the pleasure of hanging out with some hardcore SWSM vets during the awards banquet (Phil, Martin, Ken, Steve, Joel, Bill etc.). Hopefully some of that award winning voodoo rubbed off on me during the dinner for future projects!

I have been in and out of the hobby over the years but since 2011 or so I started to get more active and have been trying to "up my game" so to speak. A while ago I built the SWSM HO scale Tool Shed and Lineside Shed.

I live in the rural Seattle area where we have property with four horses, five goats and a couple of awesome Field Spaniels. When I am not getting pulled aside for ranching duties during my free time, I play guitar and/or bass... or I play with "toy trains" as Jaime would say. I have been playing guitar/bass for 30 plus years, currently I play a 12 string bass at casinos/clubs in a Cheap Trick tribute band called Cheaper Trixx. Way back during the "grunge era", I was in bands in Seattle jamming next to bands that some of you might still know today. I was supposed to be a rock star as a profession, that didn't seem to work out. :-)

I am currently working on the O scale Tar Paper Shack from the Dueling Shacks kit. See the pics below. Any critiques or suggestions are welcome. It appears that I need to improve on my lighting/photography skills.....






  • Yo Bobby! Good to see you here, brother.
    Excellent job on the shack. Nice tight construction, wonderful wood color and I love how you used subtle vegetation to hide where all the barrels, cabinets, and other castings "attach" to the ground.

    I only have a couple suggestions:
    The roof looks to new and could use a bit of weathering: subtle streaks of chalk (grays and tans) down the tar paper--maybe some darker streaks down from the stack.

    Perhaps a little dry-brushing on the boards. I work from a light brown up to a light gray in about three layers. Be VERY careful however. It looks really nice the way you've got it and if you're not confident in your dry brushing, it can go south quickly.
    Well done!
  • Nice construction as Bill says. I agree about some light streaking coming down the roof from the stack.

    One other thing you could look at is a variation in ground textures. Looking at the back wall pic for a moment...I really like the boards that you put down for the workers to stand on while working at the outdoor bench. I imagine there would be some foot traffic between those boards and the door to the right, as well as around the corner of the building to the left. Putting down a finer layer of "dirt" here will give the appearance of a walking path. It looks like you have a subtle variation in the color of the "dirt" around the door. This starts the idea that a footpath is there, adding texture variety to the coloration will really make it look walked on.
  • Bobby, it's great to see you on the forum. I enjoyed getting to see you at the EXPO. BTW, it was Bobby that took the picture of us at the EXPO. Great pictures above. I believe the others have spotted the issues. Keep on building. Phil.
  • Bobby, Welcome aboard. You did a very nice job. Listen, learn, improve. The exceptional modelers that you meet will only help you get better. I look forward to seeing more of your fine modeling.
  • Hey Bobby...really nice to knock elbows with you at the EXPO. Long trip from Seattle but glad you made the trek and wish I'd known you were there a few days earlier as we could have gotten together and tipped a few. Great job on the Shack, very well done with just the right amount of details that are also very nicely done...should have brought it along.
  • Hey Bobby,
    Welcome to the forum. Obvious from your first post that you belong here. Really nice build. Great to meet you at the show and look forward to seeing you at the next one, hopefully with a model in tow.
  • Bobby! Awesome work. So glad to see your work on the forum. The weathering on the wood is wonderful. Well done!
  • Bobby. Nice real nice just the way it should be. ................Carl
  • Bobby, thanks for posting your work. Your wood seems to be the perfect shade and weathering. Cant wait to see a larger scale build from you.

  • Welcome aboard Bobby. The shed looks great.

  • Welcome Bobby. You did some fine work on the shed bro.
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