Video of EXPO Entries

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Hey Gang,

Here are a couple Expo videos made by Marty Ojaste. There are some great clips of various Sierrawest Builds in these videos.


PS - Is that you Ken in the Orange shirt?


  • That is Ken. I am not able to play the videos.
  • I figured it out. My dumb.
  • Thanks Alan. I really enjoyed viewing these videos.

  • I would love to hear what the modellers are sayin in the background much more than the 'dramatic' music..... In video one Kens voice is evident and Brett is mentioned twice at the 2min point, but the music drowns out the comments throughout.... does anyone have a 'clean' version.... models look great, but need my headache to subside before viewing video 2.

  • Fantastic..thankyou
  • Thank you very much for posting these videos. To bad that France or Belgium is to far away to come and visit. Excellent alternative this is . There is a lot of talent out there !!!!! ( and top notch SW kits.....)
  • Love the vids, the music was a bit of a spoiler though. So just watched on mute.
  • Yep, I wish the person that produced the videos would have left the comments in from the various observers...that comment echos what Karl said earlier...
  • On the second video...there were myself and 2 others who I'm sure will chime in....we were discussing the different styles of builds on the O'Neills in both the HO and O versions. I was explaining why my "O" build wasn't their...and a discussion on added details not included with the kit....and how some of the outdoor yard details are different in the two different scales...
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