Happy day today!

A few weeks ago I took a chance with an online, live auction. The listing was for two boxes full of various craftsman kits, 3 Sierra West Scale Models kits were part of the listing. It arrived today. With anticipation I opened the LARGE shipping box. As I couldn't inspect the items in person, it was a real gamble. To my delight I found a un-started Shelby's, an un-started Logging Tractor shed and.... an un-started Twin Mills at Deer creek (with lumber). All three are complete. I am happy for sure......


  • well that's an awesome surprise! Enjoy those Jim.
  • Thanks Brett
  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You sure as hell gained.

    What did you end up paying at the auction?
  • well, with buyer's premium and shipping around $800. wasn't just those 3 kits though, got a FSM #170 Sawmill, Northeastern Sam Cahoon's Fish Pier, Evergreen Hill Gully Trestle, a KMP Models Steam Sawmill with planer, a KMP Willamette loader steam donkey, JV Models Lucas sawmill, Sheepscot Scale Products Hocking Bros. Hoisting Co. and a bunch of other stuff like 10 pairs of KayDee Arch Bar trucks and some other misc buildings and boats.
  • Gee wiz Jim, the SWSM Twin Mills is worth what you paid for the whole lot! Well done.
  • again, it was a real gamble not being able to see what's in the lot or what condition the kits would be in. just lucky I guess.
  • The twin mills box has a couple water spots but nothing on the inside, also looks like something sat on top of the box because the lid is a bit out of shape. It's the contents that matter.
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    Wow Jim !!!
    That gamble certainly paid off nicely for you.
    Definitley more than your moneys worth in SWSM kits alone,,, plus...
    You can now sell off those 'other' kits and buy more SW quality with the proceeds.

    Great buy! Happy for you indeed.

  • Jim, I am very happy for you.
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