2017 Altoona Expo

I haven't posted in a while, but I am wondering if anyone is going to put up some pictures of the contest entry's that won awards at the 2017 Expo in Altoona, this weekend? I can see why you wouldn't post them if they were not SW models, but the one's shown at the contest room were all superbly built Sierra West models.
I am most appreciative having the chance to meet and to chat with some of you at the show, especially Mike Engler, Ken Karnes, Steve Custer, Phil (KCTrains), and others...


  • I did attend the EXPO and had a great time getting to know my SW buds better. Below is a picture of some of the gang. From left to right - Joel, Ken, Steve, Phil, and Bill


    I'll try to attach some of my pictures when I get home. Although I was disappointed with the contest results, I want to congratulate Joel for his win in the structure category as well as his 2nd place in the rolling stock category, Ken for his second place in the 18x18 category, and Steve for his second place in both the 2x2 and the yard category. What I saw was extremely great craftsmanship by them that was overlooked by the judges. However, I may be biased because of my deep respect and admiration for their work.

    Travel safe guys. Phil
  • I think that I have seen this picture at the post office a few times and then we have a lawyer with a baseball hat that is a sure give away. Great work guys and Congrat's.................Carl
  • Thanks Phil, I appreciate your comments. I hope you didn't think I was stirring up any trouble about posting my question regarding winners of awards. I think I understand why no one has put up any pictures yet, they are still driving home.
  • Carl, the lawyer is me. That's Ken in the hat. Ken, welcome to the brotherhood. As a lawyer, maybe you can create a new Texas passing lane law (inside joke). Rich, you certainly weren't stirring up trouble. Phil
  • Sorry Phil I thought you were Ken now i feel bad. ..................Carl
  • I think it's funny!!! Phil
  • This is where a smart man stays silent, except you all are exceptional modelers and gentleman. I know I am at least half correct.
  • I'm sure people have better photos than I do but just in case you wanted to see a preview of some of what won:

    First place rolling stock:rsz_dsc_0978

    Second place 18 x 18 - Ken's fabulous Oneils:

    First place 18 x 18


    Second place yard by yard Steve Custer's amazing Oneil's/ Quicy salvage

    First place yard by yard went to:


    And finally best in show:

  • The results weren't what I was expecting, but the modeling went beyond my expectations. Congrats to Joel for his 1st place along with Ken Karns and Steve Custer who each picked up the silver. All 3 had stellar models that lived up to the term "craftsman" in every sense of the word.
    Really well done guys!

    Fun weekend all around. (By the way...if you've ever considered leaving your laptop behind in your hotel room, only do that if you have a spare $75 for shipping laying around.)
  • Well done my friends, Congratulations! Sure wish I could have been there to see everyone!
  • Sad i couldnt be there.

    Thats a pretty costly mistake Bill. WOW
  • Joel humbly left out pictures of his first place award in "Structures" with his wonderful
    O Scale O'Neills. Nicely done Joel. Thanks to all the SWSM fraternity for the kind words.

    The Fine Scale Model EXPO senior staff put on a great show. The accommodations and venue were great. The clinics were well done and the awards dinner food was delicious. Vendor turn out was a bit lean and the number of contest entries was strangely down this year. The contest itself was...uhm...

    It was so nice seeing and catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. Chris, I expect to see some posting activity out of you! Special accolades to Bill for continuing to make the awards dinner lively and entertaining. Also appreciate the camaraderie my friend and that of all the SierraWest gang. Bill and I both brought display only builds that were not finished to elicit conversation and Bill's O Scale SawMill certainly provided some "jaw dropping" imagery, it's stunning!...

    Great show, great people and great modelingis the end result, what could be better...

    Yes, Bill left his laptop in his room and I'm sure he's balming it on me for not keeping a closer eye on him. Phil...I thought it was your turn to watch him?

  • This was only my second EXPO, I enjoyed it for sure. I'm ready for the next one.
  • Bill,
    Leaving your laptop is minor considering forgetting to take that fabulous sawmill would have been a real heartbreak for sure. Stunning work, and you would have won top award had it been finished. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet and talk to you. Maybe next time.
  • Bill - The people at the convention hall want to know where to send the big diorama that you left behind.

    Great seeing the "usual suspects" at the show. I always look forward to seeing the fantastic modeling that you guys bring.

    Bill S.
  • It's interesting that my wife doesn't prioritize stuff the same way. If I HAD to leave something behind...laptop would have been way down the list.
  • Bill said:

    The results weren't what I was expecting, but the modeling went beyond my expectations.

  • thanks for the pics
  • With it no longer being a popular changes a few parameters. You now have modelers judging that will recognize stuff and styles....
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