Altoona 2017 Show

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A heartfelt congratulations to our SWSM Model Contest Winners at the 2017 Structure Show in Altoona Pennsylvania! All of these outstanding models can be found here on the forum!

First Place in Free Standing Structures was awarded to Joel Freedman for his O Scale O'Neills main building.
Second Place in the 18 x 18 category was awarded to Ken Karns for his HO Scale O'Neills Diorama
Second Place in the Yard by Yard category was awarded to Steve Custer for his Salvage Yard Diorama

Well done my friends, Congratulations!


  • Congrats to all....It was good to put some faces to names and the chat with other SWSM types...
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    I did attend the EXPO and had a great time getting to know my SW buds better. Below is a picture of some of the gang. From left to right - Joel, Ken, Steve, Phil, and Bill


    I'll try to attach some of my pictures when I get home. Although I was disappointed with the contest results, I want to congratulate Joel for his win in the structure category as well as his 2nd place in the rolling stock category, Ken for his second place in the 18x18 category, and Steve for his second place in both the 2x2 and the yard category. What I saw was extremely great craftsmanship by them that was overlooked by the judges. However, I may be biased because of my deep respect and admiration for their work.
  • Congratulations to those who won. I had a great time at the show, being my first show to attend. I was glad to finally meet some respected modelers in person.
  • Thanks Brett. I had a ton of fun building both kits. Thanks for providing us with such great kits. It was also great to meet so many fantastic modelers.
  • Thanks Brett, amazing contest room statistics once again for SWSM.
    Geesh that's a motley crew pictured there...
  • Nice meeting you as well Rich. Thanks for that nifty idea on the oil tank platform for BlueSky. I'll keep you posted on my progress with that.
  • Ken,
    Thanks for recognizing me. There's one aspect on your model I used on mine, so we will be even. I enjoyed seeing your diorama up close, as I like the way you do scenery. Well done.
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