Howdy from central PA.

Hey gang, I've been lurking on here for a few months now. I am simply amazed at the talent expressed here with the builds in progress. I can only hope to be there someday. I have built 4 or 5 model railroads in HO scale over the years but it seems that I would no ore than get them done and it would be time to move. I hope that this time I am done moving and my efforts can be enjoyed for years to come. This new layout will be in On30 and will be next summer till I actually get it started. Need to finish remodeling the house first. It will be a logging operation with a narrow gauge main line connector to a standard gauge line "off stage". I am designing the layout around using mainly Sierra West structures centering around of course, the saw mill, which is what brought me to Sierra West. I received my first kit, the wood cutters shack, just the other day. After I get my feet wet I'll order up the sawmill and Oneils. A big undertaking I know. It will keep me busy for years to come.
Getting ready to head out to Altoona for the Expo. Hope to meet a few of you all there.


  • Welcome, really glad to have you here! Enjoy your kits and remember we are here to answer any questions!
  • Hey Mountaindog, I did just the same thing. Planning a new layout build around SW edifices. Already ordered all of the kits, started building with the Dueling Shacks and will work my way up to the Sawmill, O'Neills and all the others. Great kits, best castings ever !!!

  • Hop on my friend and enjoy yourself. ...................carl
  • Have fun at the "EXPO". Looking forward to seeing your work.

  • Mountaindog, I hope you have a great experience on the forum. Enjoy the Expo.
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