My first craftsman kit

shack 1

This is my first attempt at a craftsman kit. I still have a ways to go but i'm pretty happy. Brett's instructions and tips are great.

I wish I could afford another but I like being married LOL.


  • Great job Dick! Really looks great.

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    Love the wood colour.Nice work.
  • Nice job.
  • Hi Dick,

    What a wonderful results!!!!!!!!!!! The colors look good and your signs look like they have been out in the weather for a long time.

  • What I like best about your build is all the Subtle tones you used. Nothing is too bright or “over weathered”. Can’t wait to see what you have for us next...

  • Hi Dick, Really nice seeing your post here and your work is top notch. You have a good eye for subtile colors and textures. One glaring problem...not enough pictures of your terrific build here!...Ken
  • I like it.
  • Looks great Dick, as has been mentioned your wood looks very impressive, the colours and tones are right on.

    But, the thing that is really great is that the cabinet, although slightly different, blends so well. No one would guess that that cabinet is resin as it looks so much like wood.

    That's the beauty of Bretts techniques, indistinguishable and you really nailed it with this result.

    Nice work indeed.

  • Thanks so much for the comments. I have studied the phenomenal work I've seen on the forums. I have saved countless photos for inspiration. a few more pictures. All I have is my iPhone for a camera but even that exposes flaws that aren't visible otherwise. Lighting and exosure are also an issue.shack door
    shack side
    shack side
  • I'll take it outside tomorrow to get better pictures. Maybe Santa will bring a real camera. Any suggestions under 200.00
  • Best Camera is an iPhone...dont bother wasting your money on a regular heavy camera.
  • Nextceo Do use any editing program to adjust the lighting in color in your pictures
  • I do not. I take them with my iPhone and then open them in Paint (Microsoft Program) to crop certain portions of the image I dont want seen such as the boarder on a diorama.
  • My Samsung S8+ takes amazing pictures. Not as versatile as my Nikon.
    I do agree with Alan. Trust me on this, Alan knows quality. The dude don't play.
  • Lol...thanks Ed.
  • Model Railroading Hobbyist has an article on smart phone photography and a blog thread beginning. They point out how the location of the lens on the phone offers the opportunity to take pictures with a point of view closer to ground level.
  • Mike,
    Thank you for the excellent article.
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