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Thought I would try my hand at this posting thing. Not a SWSM kit but pics of an O scale scratch build of Scotia Supply. Begged Bret to do this kit in O scale years ago but to no avail. Stone work is hand carved pink foam. Board on board ship lap learned from Railroad Camp build. Pure Sierra West inspiration,........or is it theft? Lol


  • This is some mighty fine work Doug! Thank you for posting! In fact it won First Place at the 2017 NGC in Denver in offline structures. So well deserved. Doug is a great friend of many, many years and one of the finest modelers (and persons) I have ever met. Love his dad too!
  • Thanks Bret for many years of friendship and inspiration. The anticipation of your product releases and techniques have always kept my love of this hobby motivated.Hope we all are able to see you at future NNGC's. Let's have a beer!
  • Excellent!
    That stonework--from the carving to the coloring--is really well done.
    I'm also admiring your shake shingles and clapboard siding.
    Congrats on your award! Well deserved.
    I hope you'll post more pictures.
  • Very well done and congratulations on the 1st place finish, well desereved.
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    Doug sent me these:


  • Love the Jib Crane, so nicely detailed. Ahh...I spotted the porcelain toilet on the loading doc! Motivation to get at my Ho/HOn3 Scotia Kit!
  • Thanks all!
  • Thanks. Not really a new thing. I have been using it for over 5 years or so. Easy to do using just a sharp Exacto knife.
  • Doug, I can't say much more about the stone work. It already has been said very well.
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    Doug.... good to see you again in Denver... I was looking at your web page and noticed similar structure on your layout... .. cheers mate........
  • Hi Doug, Nice job on the model, as usual, and congratulations on another fist place win! Do you have a place for this building on the layout yet?

    Mike S.
  • Hi Mario, always great to see you and thanks for your wonderful website. This structure has been on my layout but was never finished. I decided to finally finish it and bring it to Denver. Thanks again gents.
  • Beautiful work. Congrats
  • Doug. When you get a chance. please me some updated pics. cheers mate
  • Terrific modeling as always Doug, everything so well done. The stonework instantly drew my eye, superbly done.
    Congratulations on the award, hopefully we'll get together again at the next one.

  • A good place to get together with Doug, Karl A.,Bill, etc., and maybe even have a beer with Brett, will be the in Minneapolis.
    I had a chance to see Doug's model in person at the Denver convention and it was a real treat. And a lot of other great models, as well as their builders, including some of the Sierra West rock stars.
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