Final Photos - SierraWest Tractor Repair Shed and Boiler-house (Modified) - O Scale

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Hey Gang,

Here are the final pictures of my diorama that incorporated the SierraWest Tractor Repair Shed and Boiler-House Kits - O Scale. It won 2nd place in the Diorama Category at the 2017 Narrow Gauge Convention in Denver and I plan to bring it to Altoona, PA in November for the Fine Scale Model Railroader Expo. The size of the Diorama is 26 inches by 26 inches. It contains 15 LEDs with two Simulators - The first Simulator is a flickering Welding Light that runs for 30 seconds and then turns of for 90 seconds before repeating and the other Simulator is for burning coals that can be found in the Blacksmith Hearth.

Thanks for Looking!













  • I mean c'mon, that's the very definition of eye candy...
  • Wow, that is amazing. More pics please.
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    No more need to drive up from North Carolina and come see it in person in November!

  • Wow!!! Outstanding work. You do a great job on the buildings, but your scenery is what I really enjoy. Phil
  • Brilliant!...what else to say?...nothin!
  • Buildings are amazing. Scenery is AMAZING.
  • An incredible piece of work Alan, superb in every aspect.
    Definitely one of those models I am going to enjoy studying over and over again.
    Well done doesn't cover it.

  • Forgot to mention. Those pictures are so outstanding.
  • Beautiful work. Love the tarps, especially the one on the boiler in the third picture.
  • Thanks Ken, Ed, Karl and Mitch. I just added a few more pictures which can be found above in the original post.
  • Outstanding in every way. So many details you can sift through the pictures and find new stuff each time. Congratulations on such beautifully composed diorama!!!! So what is next?
  • Alan amazing work. I love the way it all pulls together as one. So many amazing little scenes and yet a real natural flow and colour balance. Love it and can't wait to see it in person.
  • Alan, Congratulations on outstanding diorama and 2nd place win.
  • Thanks for the Congrats - Jim, Joel and Steve. Glad to hear you're going to make it to the Expo in November Joel.

  • Excellent photos...Yep saved 'em....
  • Man that is some beautiful work. Jaw dropping.
  • Want to bump this up to the top for our newest members to enjoy!
  • Hey, thanks Brett...
  • Allan
    Terrific build. This is really very very good. Whatever got 1st prize at the 2017 NG convention must have been something special. Is that a Wiseman Fordson tractor? High standards indeed.
  • i'm flabbergasted that something beat this in a contest.
  • btw, very well stated Kevin!
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    The first place winner at this convention certainly did not deserve to win first place at all. I was there and a victim of the popular vote also. I believe the winner was from the Denver area and got all the local votes.

    The contest room was to small for the number of entries. All the models did not have good access for the public to get to and see.
  • Hi everyone. My time in Maine in at the N G convention 2017 was not a good I was behind a door I asked to to be moved no way.
    I do think that Brett's success in the hobby has a lot to do with it.........Carl..........
  • Thanks Kebmo...yeah, not sure the best model won at the Denver show...but then again, the same can be said for the Houston show when Karl A’s awesome build lost to a tree house...

  • yeah, that was pretty astonishing to, and i can certainly see why that would deter any serious model builder to shy away from entering a contest.
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