Tombstone Junction by Alan Hubbard


A very heartfelt congratulations to Alan Hubbard (nextceo) for his incredible O Scale "Tombstone Junction" diorama. Alan was awarded second place at the 2017 Narrow Gauge Convention in the diorama category. This is a multi SW kit diorama brimming with so many scenes, added vehicles, and the kind of topography Alan has become known for. I will be creating a new section in my Gallery pages on my website ( featuring dioramas like Alan's that incorporate multiple kits, vehicles, etc... Alan will at some point jump in here with pictures and information about the creation of the diorama. Well done!


  • Congratulations Alan. An incredible diorama from every angle. Such a great accomplishment and a joy to look at.
    Well done.

  • Very nice my man. Sierra West kits kick ass.
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    Thanks for the nice comments.

    Also, a special thanks to Brett for taking some of the photos (I sent him of my diorama) and adding some of his magic to them by making them look old. From there, I pasted the printouts to card stock and then folded them and scraped them with a razor blade. One I actually folded up and put in my pocket. I laid them out in front of the diorama to add to the experience.







  • Wow! Very cool pictures.
  • Good looking dio Alan. I can't wait to see more.
  • I vote for first place.
  • Fantastic work Alan. I can't wait to see it in person at the Expo.

  • Alan, fabulous modeling. Congratulations on 2nd place. I knew I needed a sage brush tree after seeing your excellent use of one in your diorama. It is an honor to have you as one of the Sierra West gang. Phil
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    Thanks Ed, Dustin, Steve, Phil and Bryan for the nice comments. There were so many awesome looking dioramas at the show, the voting could have gone in any direction. When I heard I had come in second, the first comment I asked Jaime (who was texting me updates as I was driving back from Denver)...was... did Steve Drees beat me...because his Diorama looked really , really good in person.
  • Copied from "Final Pics of Tombstone Junction" thread...Brilliant!...what else to say?...nothin!
  • Hey brother, Mario did a super job on his site with all the pictures of your diorama.
    Who is the handsome man wearing the striking orange shirt in the last picture?
    I think Mario had it correct, when he said, who he thought should have won best of show.
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    Lol...thanks Ed. Yeah, its crazy how many pictures he took and posted of my diorama...I think I counted 112 different photos. Some of the pictures must have required him to climb up onto my diorama to take this one for example...

  • I'm glad he took so many photos. It really gave me a sense of what you accomplished with this diorama. It is outstanding in every sense.
  • I agree. It is an amazing diorama. That dude Mario is dedicated. His site, a pleasure to behold. Sierra West kicks some serious butt. Steve, Mike and others, are also to be congratulated. Like I said, true winners all of you.
    Plus that orange shirt with the Cubs blue, behind the wheel of a certain ride. Cannot beat it.
    It's cool to see what people look like. Well most people. I know a certain fat white so called golfer who when I look at him I want to throw up.
  • Wonderful dio Alan. Well done my friend.

  • Just went through all the photos on Mario's site Alan, I am blown away how much detail there is. The many mini scenes are a joy to look at. Im definitely going back to look again and steal some ideas.

    Such an inspirational build.
  • That Mario don't play.
  • Hi Alan, we met in the contest room and it was a pleasure! I voted best of show for your diorama. Absolutely beautiful work. Hope we cross paths again. Doug.
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