Congrats to Mike Engler - Narrow Gauge Convention - 1st Place in Square Footer Category

Congrats once again Mikey on another 1st Place Victory!



  • Mike! Mike! Mike! Congrats...
  • Beautiful work. Well deserved. Congrats!
  • Mike, you are the master modeler!!!! Congratulations. Phil
  • Mike, you are the man. Congratulations. Next year Mike will be the 2018 NGC host.
    Good luck with that Mike. I am sure you will do a great job.
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    Congratulations on another outstanding diorama Mike and another 1st place award.
    You're one of the true greats my friend,
  • Oh yeah Mike, I need pics so I can update your gallery page....
  • Great work my Mike, love the truck in the scene.
  • Great to meet you at NNGC Mike. Congrats!!
  • Congratulations Mike. I would like to see more pictures.
  • Congratulations Mike on your win. It was nice meeting you.
  • Thanks to all of you. It's gratifying to win- but a popular vote contest often does not reward the best modeler. Very deserved models too often don't win. (Houston 2015 when I thought Karl would win by a mile). Another variable is that dioramas are two categories, on-line and off-line. But it's just rock n' roll.

    I will say that there were more really great dioramas in the contest than I have seen at a NNGC model contest and I have been going to them since 2009. Probably more great dioramas under one roof since the first Craftsman Structure Show in 2007. Since then I have won two NNGC Best of Show awards with Brett's kits, Colorado Springs and Kansas City, but that probably wouldn't have happened if I had gone against this year's competition.

    It was a treat to see Steve's, Alan's, Ed's and the other great models in person. Incredible craftsmanship. Sierra West Hall of Fame worthy. Most entries in these shows were scratchbuilt until Brett Gallant's kits started appearing. SWSM kits have been awarded more contest awards than all other craftsman structure kits combined.

    I like the Square Foot category, since I got a First Place last year in Maine with my SWSM O'Neill's and this year with SWSM Deer Creek mine. I displayed both on my $9 Ikea lazy Susan or turntable. No way I could put it against the wall so all four sides couldn't be viewed.

    My mine is two years old and I sawed 3" from one end to get down to the 12x12" limit. It also allowed me to get it into a box that would fit under the seat on the airplane. Don't tell Jill the flight attendant that I held it off the floor so it didn't shake loose any parts when we landed.

    And thanks to Dustin's Jordan pick-up truck- he gave it to me several years ago and it has adorned several prize-winners.

    I love going to train shows-the layout tours are great, as are the vendor shows, modular layouts, clinics, and of course the contests, but the most fun of all is hanging with old friends and meeting new ones. All of you better save the date and save your pennies for Minneapolis September 5-8, 2018. Our website went live yesterday:

    I'm even hopeful that rock stars such as Brett, Karl Allison, and Bill Obenauf will be coerced into coming.

    I know- I could have just said thank you.

  • Mike, great note and congratulations again. I'm looking forward to seeing you again in Altoona. Phil
  • so many words.... my head hurts. Hah! sawing 3" off diorama. you got ballz my friend!!!
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    ha, I remember you, me, your main st / essentials and a table saw Brett......
  • I also did main street with the table saw down the middle. No big deal.
  • Mike,

    Here is your chance to change the model contest from a popular vote to a Judged contest at Minneapolis by experienced judges. Your the man in charge. I understand that FSM changed theirs a couple of years ago from a popular vote to a panel of judges.

  • Go Mike go.
  • Congrats Mike!
  • Congrats Mike

    I can hesar the groans from here when the other entrants see you are going to enter a model into the competition.
  • Mike . Glad you put your model on a swivel....
  • Mike. I tried to book Convention Hotel for 2018. ALL SOLD OUT ????
  • To Mike and everyone else who attended the Convention a job well done by a group of wonderful people that put their best out there for everyone to see. ................Carl
  • Congratulations Mike, another great model. Nice work! Btw, when are you going to run out of swsm kits so I can talk you into a scratch build.
  • To finish last comment,
  • Again, it was great to see you in Denver and am looking to seeing you next year, nicely done old chap!!!
  • Mario old mate- just the opposite- the 2018 National Narrow Gauge Convention in Minneapolis MN, Sept. 5-8th, 2018, is just starting to book rooms today at the convention hotel, the Doubletree by Hilton in Bloomington, by telephone at 1-866-271-8967, group rate reference "Narrow Gauge Convention". Online reservations will start tonight- look at our website at: on the "HOTEL" page to see the link. We have a large block of rooms, but they will probably go fast.

    You can register for the convention and sign up for the optional steam fan trip on the same website on the "REGISTER" page. Any questions email me at
  • And ngdoug, Mario, CarlLaskey, Wes, MuddyCreekRR, engine909, KCStrains, Brett, Karl.A, sdrees, MitchN, CarlRowe, Coors2u, KCSTrains, Joel, nextceo, and Bill Obenauf and all the rest of you rascals belong there and should be there. A lot of fine modeling will be happening.
  • Thank all of you for your great comments. Many more pics of the mine on Mario's site at
    I'll post a few more after I get the model back. I was clever enough to get it a ride home with a guy coming back to Minnesota by way of Florida!
  • Hi Mike, called hotel yesterday and block rooms sold out except for Weds.
  • Call them today and it should be fine. If not, let me know. The group rate wasn't in effect until today for whatever reason.
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