Slate roof tiles

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I'm experimenting with slate roof tiles for a future build. Here we have a section of tiles. The tiles were created using dental plaster in a mold. The plaster was colored with a few drops of black paint while mixing, and some random gray/blue/brown paint was painted inside the mold prior to pouring the plaster. The tiles were placed as a roof section, then drybrushed.

The top 2 rows had no other painting, the bottom 2 rows had some lichens added with enamel paints. The right side has no textured lichens, while the left side has textured lichens added in a variety of colors and textures.

The painted lichens were toned down because they really stuck out. Lichens really stand out on the real thing, but it looked too bright in scale.

The textured lichens look a bit out of scale to my eye also, even though I like the areas around the tile joints.




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    Spot on regarding the texture and apperance of the slate. I think the blues are too blue for my taste. I would keep mine in the gray and brownish palate. Lichens are great idea but to me appear too coarse and too random. I'd place them snug along the joints in certain places like the next to the last picture bottom left (those bottom left couple of panels look perfect to me) ...more subtile than what I see there I guess. Wonderful work up Bryan.
  • Thanks Ken. I'm going to keep messing with it. I think I'll keep trying to make the painted lichen look more lifelike and scrap the textured. I may add just a hint for color. Notice the stray speck in the crack towards the bottom right on last pic. This might be the right size/amount of the texture.
  • I agree completely with Ken. Nice work.
  • I like all the colors, because you see all those colors being used. Much depends on the part of the world you travel in. If they are dusted down a bit I think you can use all shades. In looking at Robert's, his are in the orange/brown on one structure and grays in the building next to it. I would think he has reproduced the colors accurate to the structures he has modeled. If he has really modeled them. I'm sorry Robert. Just fooling with you.
    We all know Ken would never consider blue to be a grunge color. That is like a jazz lover listening to Kenny G.
    Bottom line, nicely done. If Ken and Robert agree, and they do, enough said.
    I am going to eat a Wolferman's muffin.
  • I like where you are heading here Bryan. The "flaking" around the edges is excellent.
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