Just a heads up...the hotel next to the conference center for the FSM EXPO 2017 in Altoona, PA is completely full. I made reservations at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites just down the road a bit. Must have been a rather small Hotel to be full 4 months before the show. Snooze you lose I guess!


  • I got to bust on you, else you would be disappointed. The fact that it is a Hortel, explains why it is full. You dig?
  • I have no idea what you're talking about Ed?...he.he.
  • You rascal. You corrected it. Was better before.
    Rock had the British invasion. We have the French invasion. Which is a good thing.
    There is a dude from France on an other forum whose landscaping and more is exceptional.
  • Well i can only be there in spirit, so that luckily means I dont need a room. But id give my left arm to be there.

    Enjoy it gents.
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