French layout

Here are some impressions of my French rural layout. Work is still in progress ( isn't it allways on layouts ....)
The back yard of the crossing keeper's house. And others.. The first three have no backdrop because this part is in the center of the room. And I wanted it to be seen from all sides. There was to much work on the different edifices to just hide them.




  • Please hide nothing. It's like Brett's kits, beautiful from all sides. Must be keep away from walls.
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    Magnifique bravo :smile: ;)
  • Robert, I have to ask. How long have you been working on this layout? , it really is beautiful.
  • I started modeling in2013 and I started the layout about two years ago. But I don,t have a television . It isn,t finished yet. Still working on a hangar, more trees etc.
    Glad you like it .Thanks
  • Wooden or metal hanger? That is just a dumb joke. Your modeling is no joke.
    No TV. Not a bad idea. That comes from some one who could not do without. One of my best friends who lives in Peru, speaks English, French and Spanish, gave his two TV's away two years ago, one to each son.
  • Outstanding!
    What scale is this?
  • So much great stuff done the european's. That's why I keep facebook... It's a whole different assortment of techniques and finishes...
  • Very unique style down under. One of the reasons I love the magazine.
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