Old Glass house

On my layout there is a crossing that is controlled by a man who lives in the house nearby. All these railway staff had little gardens. So does mine. That's what I am working on now. I've build a small glass house for him. Not one of them brand new aluminium ones, but one that has survived some generations of use, and sometimes neglect......
Notice also the compost heap.


Now I have to go back and water the young salads. ... :)


  • Robert, I see your work and I notice you often end the wording with a smiley face. It makes me laugh for two reasons, the first is my response to your and others amazing work is to laugh. It's a laughter of amazement. It's my emotional feeling when I view the incredible. The second is I get the sense the smile says, which I am sure is not your intention, how damn good do to think this is? Well I and others, think it is pretty damn good. I'm grateful you take the time to share. I look forward to seeing a SWMW kit started. I wonder what the over/under would be to build the O scale sawmill?
    I don't know how to do the smiles. Yes, among other things. Tee hee.
  • Be sure the smiley is just a way to greet you guys. I try to be modest and hope the others enjoy my work as much as I did in building or creating it. No more no less.
  • Robert, I am sure everyone sees how genuine you are. We indeed do enjoy. I show your work and the work of others to all ages, all non modelers and they gasp, when I tell them the size of the modeling. The general response to no ........ way. So you bring joy to many. I show it to the young in hopes it motivates them to consider joining. It is a wonderful way to be creative and meet many really cool people.
  • Some spread the word of the Lord, others the wor(L)d of modelling. Thanks for the appreciation Ed.
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    A great looking model Robert, really nice subtle weathering and aging.
    compost bin is terrific.

  • Robert, you have got to get busy with a SierraWest Scale Model build...with your attention to detail and modeling skill, I'd love to see the results...beautiful work.
  • Ken, I totally agree with you. What a trip that will be.
    I miss my Slovenian friend. I hope I didn't offend him.
  • Robert, the building is great, but I also light the scenery very much also
  • Wonderful work Robert.

    Robert has just ordered his first kit and it must travel from Texas to France so chill there boys. Robert has already said he will do a build thread.
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    Brett, You got to realize that is like having to wait for the new season of Fargo. I will chill, but in Florida that is almost impossible.
  • Look at it from my side, it's like a child waiting for his new toy. But it is generally known, Boys will be boys. And inside, grown up men stay those boys. (that's what my wife always says ) ... ... But it's true. :wink:
  • Robert, It is an amazing kit. You will achieve great joy building this kit. We will also be joyful following along. Your wife is correct, but than they usually are.
    Time to walk Satchel. Robert, you and your wife have a very nice weekend.
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