' Wishing Well'

Near an old farm, there's always a water well. And so is there one on my layout. I use it as a wishing well, but so far, it gave me no result. Ether my wishes are to much demanded, or my coins aren't in the propre scale ..... :)

Anyways, here some pictures of the building proces. Wood, little stones used in aquariums, and plaster.

1 kopie
2 kopie
6 kopie
8 kopie
9 kopie
11 kopie
12 kopie
13 kopie
14 kopie
15 kopie
16 kopie
17 kopie
18 kopie
19 kopie
20 kopie
21 kopie
22 kopie
23 kopie
24 kopie
DSCN0843 kopie
DSCN0845 kopie
DSCN0853 kopie
DSCN0854 kopie
28 kopie
29 FIN kopie



  • Very nice all the way around. I'm looking for some scale coins now.

    Could you do a step by step on the corrugated sheet please?
  • next time I work the corrugated sheet, I'll take pictures and post them. I didn't take any since it was so little. Only one small piece.
  • Love the "grungy" corrugated!
  • WELL done. Robert, with you, didn't take any time could be minutes or hours. You get such joy that ten hours seems like ten minutes. Plus when done you have a piece that you can be very proud of. The corrugated weathering looks like what you see from the military kit builders. Superb. Thank you for sharing.
  • Every Poet is a Thief.... Learn from others, right :)
  • Even Mr. Dylan.
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