Man Of The Woods

Greetings to you all. As a newcommer to the Sierra West community, a few words about myself. My name is Robert , 57 springs old. Wood has been, and is an important constant in my life. I am a restorer of antique furniture and works of art., I live , most of the year, in the Dordogne, a region in France with lots of forests. If not in France, it is Belgium . I also worked in Manhattan for 7 years teaching restoring techniques to the guys of an international well known antique dealer.
Natural materials are my favorite. Wood, brass, clay, etc. That's mainly what you will find in my modelling work. As I wanted to instal a sawmill on my O metric ( Om ) layout, the discovery of Sierra West was a gift from heaven. After looking at the quality of Brett's work, I knew this was my kind of thing. Without hesitation and after a pleasant long distance phone conversation, the spark was there and I ordered the O scale sawmill kit. The first part is coming my way very soon. So for the moment , I will show you some pictures of my work, and will be studying the various topics on this forum.















  • Fantastic work Robert. I especially like the well. What are you using for trees? They look great.

  • Fantastic modeling. Welcome aboard.
  • Thanks guys, for the trees, just twisted electrical wire, boxwood branches for the trunk, some serious patination and a LOT of patience. I spend about 50 hours on a 50 cm (20 inch) tree. The twisting and soldering of the very fine wires take a great amount of time


  • Wonderful work, I really love the "hand hewn" timbers. Masonry is exceptional as well. Thanks so much for sharing these with the forum!
  • Wow! Love it! I think a tree tutorial is in order! Lol. Great work all around!
  • Robert, your work is truly incroyable, just ongelooflijk. At first I thought you were showing pictures of your native land. I still am in a state of disbelief. You will have many following your progress. Thank you for sharing and being so generous with your time.
  • Just fantastic work Robert, that last picture shows off beautifully your skills in every aspect. From the foreground scenery and fence, through to the trees and stuctures and then back into the backdrop. Wonderfully balanced and executed modelling.

    Great to have you join us on the forum and share your work.

  • For somebody like you who speaks English, French and Dutch, no effort will be to much... :)
    I will though, post them in the proper categories. As long as I can't start with the sawmill, I will post my work pictures.
    And yes, it is actually my house/farm in the Dordogne in the 1/43,5 version....
  • Robert,
    Thanks to Google I speak hundreds of languages. You will love and become a big part of this forum. Again welcome.
  • Robert,

    Very nice work. I'm sure you will really enjoy the sawmill kt. It is so complete it builds into a fantastic model.

    Mike S.
  • Beautifully done Robert...such a pleasure to see someone taking the time on such wonderful details...welcome my friend...
  • Outstanding work, Robert. Welcome aboard and keep sharing!
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