O'Neills O Scale we go...

Well....I promised to post pictures...and they will follow shortly. I am building my model for the layout, so since I have no idea yet as to which side will be the "money shot", I will do as Brett intended and fully detail all sides. The shots are progress to this point, there is still a lot of detailing and weathering planned. I also decided that this will be a very active business, so I might go a bit farther on the "dirtying up" of the structure and details. So far, I went with Brett's color scheme as I do like it a lot. And Dr Grunge has also influenced some of the weathering so far. You will notice that I went a little dark closer to the ground on the walls, and in some shots see a hint of green. My layout themes near the water, so dampness does affect the coloring a bit. Nothing is final yet, still playing with the chalks. And I plan to do a bit more distressing of the boards. I want the look of a well used, occassionaly maintained business, so expect a bit of dirt here and there. I am also going to have a few more boards out of bear with me....any and all advice is we go....


  • Good preamble to an exciting build of a great kit...sounds like you have the right attitude going into it Muddy!
  • Awesome! What a great start.
  • Thanks Brett...still working on the weathering....also want to distress a few more boards...working on the addition right now....
  • Nice work on the boards...look fantastic,
  • great start to a great kit. i'm a step or two ahead of you but i'm sure you'll blow by me soon enough. i have two tower walls sided. that's where i'm at with it. you building looks oddly familiar..... :)
  • Off to a great start. Thanks for posting.
  • I'm jealous of O scale because of its detail. I can't wait to see how this beauty of a kit will look as compared to the HO version. Phil
  • Wonderful work there Muddy. Love the board detailing! your "paint peel" appears very well done. I'd watch getting the green "algae" look too far up the walls. That's one of those details that less is more and to me looks best confined to the bottom scale foot or so. Great work...
  • Really digging that peeled paint, great job.
  • Going to tone down the green a's just dusted on it's not "fixed" yet....I live on the east coast right on the ocean....and the northern and western sides tend to get a bit green...moisture....I might leave a bit under where the stairs are going to go since it won't see much sun...I've been working and on the road so I've slowed down a bit...back in the shop tonight to do some more detailing...getting the doors and windows further along...I'll get some shots up tomorrow....if you guys spot something that seems a bit too all means....tell me...
  • Nice coloring on those boards.

  • Just realized that my "real" name is not on the'm Art.....from the Jersey Shore...(don't hold that against to the shop to build some more...
  • And I thought how cool the name Muddy Creek was for a person. I have family in Margate and Cape May, so I'm cool with you Art.
    ed Or by my former name Sissiboo Lumber.
  • Art I just sent you an email hope you get it. Glad to know your name.

  • Very apt name Art, considering the 'Art'istic talent you seem to be showing us with your progress so far on this great build.,

    Looking forward to your next update.

  • Sorry...only one picture tonight....things have been burning a lot in Jersey (I'm a firefighter) and was only able to get a little bit done the last few days. Have all the main building doors and windows painted...and started the assembly of the rear wall doors...they are not fully many have stated in the past...everything looks great until you take photos...and then all the little....and some big....issues appear....the doors on top are just additional weathering or details... the bottom 2 doors are the rear wall doors...I added a little damage to one...errant hand truck incident...and since Ken already did the plywood repair...I went with a piece of corrigated to replace the lower panel...sorry for the picture quality...I need to set up better lighting and play with the camera settings...the dark spots are some touch ups with some alcohol...since it's going to rain...a lot here tomorrow....I plan to get them "nicer" and get them installed...and yes...I know the panel is a bit askew...may or may not fix it...
  • I like the corner bracing on the doors. Great idea.
  • love the doors Art! Gonna look awesome with your walls.
  • By tonight...should have all the doors and windows in...with all this rain...I'll be in the shop most of the day....I've had those details...the hinges and the corner braces from Vector Cut for a while...they're HO....but they suit the doors well...It will show up in the photos later...but I also added a partial floor...just a few I can open one door just a wee bit farther....I like to do particular on foreground models such as this will be....but I don't want to distract from the rest of the outdoor details...and the welding shop will satisfy that desire...can't wait to get Part 2 to see the rest of the details up close...but the welding building is a bit off so far...unless I jump Brett...your color choices are dead on...I too pondered going more gray tones...but this is a thriving I said....worn...but slightly maintained...
  • Good job on the doors, Art.
    The little gash in the left hand door is a nice touch!
  • I had a similar one on one of my garage doors a few years back...though it would be a bit different from a missing board...Thanks all for the encouragement...
  • the corrugated door repair looks great. i like the corner braces too. nice touch, i wish 'd thought of it.... :)
  • Nice door detail. I will assume the green color is a bit darker than it appears in the photos? I like that damage on the bottom of the bottom left door also.
  • The lighting for the photo is poor...I need to set up some better lighting....maybe outside now that the multi day rain period is over...the color does match the a bit more weathering and detail work will be all it should need...
  • I figured it was a lighting issue. Great having you posting here Art.
  • edited June 2017
    Looks great, I love those little attentions to extra detail. Nice touches.


    (100w Daylight bulbs, great for working under and your pics will thank you for it)
  • basically been at work for 5 days straight...not much (not any) modeling happening....if I don't pass out...plan to do some tonight...
  • Between a bout of near-pneumonia...(coughing scatters the small parts too much)..and too many hours of back in the shop today and got a bit more done...I was spurred on by the much anticipated PART came yesterday...which also delayed me getting back into the shop...cuz I just had to read thru the entire manual...and ogle all the outstanding details...I'll post some photos (not too many) later on the doors and some window installations...I hope to speed up a bit next week....
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