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8" strips grained, knotted, saw banned and enhanced.......ready for stain??? Not sure I like my banding.


  • Nice start...but I can't tell how you created your knotholes. I've found the best method for creating knotholes (using Brett's method) is drilling a hole in the boards, jamming a toothpick in the hole with a little glue on the end...and when it's dry, clip off both ends.

  • What are you going to build?
  • From what I can see it looks like your wood is well prepared for the next step. I would suggest posting a picture of four or five sticks close-up (can't see banding in your pic) as well as staining a few then posting those close up. Subtle details are hard to see in the unstained wood... I believe Ed is working on the siding for the main building on his O Scale O'Neills Fab. The manual calls for subtle details and knots. When the welding shop construction begins the siding has heavier graining as well as the tooth pick knots.
  • My knot holes were created with a needle. I haven't attempted the tooth pick but thought I would try that next. This is the O' Neill's kit. My first atempt at modeling.
  • WP_20170409_010

    Thanks for any and all help/comments. I think this is a closer look at a few..........
  • Really looks great - need to see some stained still to really evaluate for you. Ed, please avoid the toothpick knot on the main building siding. Just too much for that structure and it will detract from the impact it has on the welding shop.... Especially for your fist structure follow the instructions!!!!
  • Thanks. Will add some stain. Just didn't want to stain if it wasn't ready.
  • If it is as you say your first build then my best advice to you is follow the instructions, read the manual and do as it says, you will end up with a model that looks like the picture on the box.
    sometimes newer modellers get too enthusiastic about reading other sources that say... try this or try that..
    Don't !
    Follow the instructions, you will learn more from the manual than you ever can anywhere else, plus you will understand "why"
    When you understand "why" then you can adapt it.

    I follow Bretts manuals to the letter when building his kits because everything in there is there for a reason.


  • Ed, Check out Karl.A's work in the gallery. Pretty amazing, yes? If he still follows Brett's instructions, I think you are smart enough to do the same. Plus how cool is it to have the best instructions available. It's like paint buy numbers, but with a much better result.
    I look forward to seeing pictures of your progress.
  • Looking forward to following this. I have the kit but have not started it yet.

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    Need better lighting
  • Looking good brother. Very nice.
  • I agree with Ed, Ed. Love the color and tonal variety. This wood is the siding for the off white main building and the base you have created is perfect. Evaluate the depth and strength of the details you added and try enhancing them on another group before staining then compare them to this group. We won't be able to do that in a photograph but it will give you a good variety to work with.
  • Thank you gentlemen. Really enjoying this. Love the learning process.
  • Welcome Ed and you're off to a great start. Really glad you decided to post your first build here! Many first time modelers are reluctant to post their work so lets assume you've started a good trend here. If you read and study the manual, follow the seasoned advise your getting here, and take your time, your O'Neills will turn out splendid and you'll have a blast building it. Will be following along...Ken
  • I'm glad to see that you are posting your first build. I did the same and really received great advice that I still use today. BTW, I followed Brett's directions to the tee and won an award on my second build. It's not that I'm that good, it's just that I'm good at following great instructions and advice. These guys will not steer you wrong. At the end of the day (and I wish I followed this advice), enjoy, don't overthink it, and don't be afraid to make a mistake. Glad to have you on the forum. Phil
  • Thanks all. Have to admit it is a little intimidating knowing you all do such great work but where better to learn. Thank you.
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    Too much??
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    Looks good to me Eduardo...that's Spanish for Edward. Probably the only thing I retained from my 2 years of High School Spanish class...
  • LOL. Thanks.
  • KCSTrains said:

    At the end of the day (and I wish I followed this advice), enjoy, don't overthink it, and don't be afraid to make a mistake. Glad to have you on the forum. Phil

    Great words.


  • Maybe his name is Edwin, like mine. Or Edmund, like my farther in law.
    Nice to have you back amigo.
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