Woodcutter's Diorama

Just completed this diorama. I added several elements that were not in the kit, including a flatcar for delivering logs to the site, a ramp for unloading logs, a wagon for hauling away split wood, two additional figures, a stream and bridge, and an interior for the shack. The log unloading ramp came with the SWSM machinery kit for the sawmill. I built the ramp and then decided not to use it when I built the sawmill. I thoroughly enjoyed building the kit and diorama. Since I heat my Montana log cabin with wood, I can relate to this diorama more than any other one I built.


  • Outstanding. Beautiful scene. That's as good as the Monk on piano. Thank your the pictures and sharing. Got to be a trip building kits in Montana,

    Not that it isn't in Lancaster, Ohio. But dude, Montana. Where the men are men and the ................ just kidding.

  • Thats great!
  • Wonderful diorama with a really nice concept on the work flow. Love the wood wagon and your detailed interior. Everything blends nicely and your personal touch is evident. Great work...
  • Excellent layout. I love the stream and log unloader! Lets see your real 1:1 cabin...
  • Great dio!!! I noted the drag saw, water pump, and of course the cabin interior that really stand out. Everything is just great!!

  • Thanks to all of you for the compliments on my Woodcutter's Diorama.

    Brett asked me to post some pictures of my cabin in Eureka, MT. Eureka is located in northwest Montana about 8 miles south of the Canadian border. The first picture is of my cabin. The second picture is the east view from my front door. The third picture is the south view. I regularly have white-tailed deer on my property, and occasionally elk. One time a black bear crossed my property.

    Tony's cabin_1
    View from front door
    Winter sky
  • Love the diorama.
  • Oh Brother!! Now you are just showing off. Right out of a Cohen Bros. movie.
    You have mastered 1/87th and 1/1. Great modeling conditions. Probably can see a star or two from there. Those of you who are not familiar, they are the twinkling thingies in the sky.
    What did you use for the snow? You might get more snow than Carl.
    Let's hope we don't screw that area up.
  • Outstanding layout and great imagination on the added items. Thanks for sharing. Phil
  • Wow Tony, one incredible view. So how far off the grid are you? Solar? Water? Wood Heat? Beautiful Cabin! Closest human neighbor? Details man, details!
  • I plow snow with a Polaris Ranger. When the skies are clear, the stars are spectacular. Not off the grid, Brett. I have a well for water and electricity from an electric coop. Lots in my subdivision are about 5 acres. The closest house is on the lot just north of me. I'm about an hour and 15 minute drive from West Glacier, which is the west entrance to Glacier National Park (first photo). I've done a lot of day hiking in Glacier Park, and even some backpacking (second photo) and fishing (third photo).
    St. Mary's Lake in GNP

    Backpacking in Glacier Park_1

    Tony fishing in Glacier Park
  • Okay, now you are really rubbing it in. We will have no more of this.
    That is real beauty. Thank you for the pictures. Much appreciated.
    Floridians think their state is beautiful. Wrong.
  • Now that's what you call a specular view.

  • Beautiful! Virginia Beach is as flat as a pancake. I don't get to see images like this very often.
  • Florida is as flat as Twiggy.
  • You live in a very beautiful part of the world Tony. What sort of fishing do you do? I love to trout and bass fish the lakes and rivers an hour away from my home.

    That also looks to be beautiful country for mountain biking.
  • Really nice work!
    And that! Picture #1 would make a heck of backdrop for a diorama or layout.
    I'd show you what Iowa looks like in the spring but, I doubt our "mountains" wouldn't impress you too much.

  • Bill said:

    Really nice work!
    I'd show you what Iowa looks like in the spring but, I doubt our "mountains" wouldn't impress you too much.

    I'm tired of just thinking about climbing up there!!!!!!


  • edited April 2017
    Hey Tony, backpacking is number one!! Looks like you have quite a load also. This picture was taken 41 years ago when my son and I hiked the 93 mile Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier. As I am sure you are aware, look out for the grizzlies and keep hiking as long as you can!!

    GeezerbillTIM GROWING UP 017 RESIZED
  • The 75th Ranger Regiment, (Fort Benning) would have you guys anytime.
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