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I have received a lot of positive feedback on my videos and would like to hear from you about future topics you would like to see me cover. Keep in mind my videos are quite brief so the topic has to be focused. I have no desire to do production/behind the scenes videos. My videos page can be found here:

Thanks for your help!


  • Rusting, rusting, and more rusting!!! Can you demonstrate the two methods you list in your construction manuals? I would appreciate it. Thanks. Phil
  • Great suggestion Phil! Will do for sure...
  • Yes Brett, I like Phils suggestion. I'm not too bad at rust, but I'd like to improve. David_C
  • A video on how to stain and weather the laser cut wall frame.
  • Thanks Hector! Excellent suggestion, will do it!
  • Brett, maybe one on weathering metal parts like gears, large pulley wheels, mauls, hammers etc to get that worn metal look. some fellows have it down pat while some like me don't. I assume it would be somewhat like a rusting process. Just a thought.
  • Agree - rusting video and/or weathering metal part video.. Thanks Brett - videos you have already done are first rate
  • This topic has been dormant for a while -- dunno if you're still looking for suggestions, but I would love to see something on staining and weathering clapboard walls and/or techniques for masonry finishing. Might be particularly timely with the new release of Morton's.

  • Hi Brett, I think in addition to the fine video on detailing stripwood, one that shows the levels and techniques for adding grain with the various wire brushes and the smoothing to get rid of “fuzzies”.

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