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I was wondering if you had thought about bringing back the Cat d8 or the Mack trucks


  • Yes, both will be re-released later this summer...
  • I would love to get my hands on a Mack AC! If you release them, count me in. And Brett, always remember that it was you who convinced me to give On30 scale a try and now I love it.
  • Any chance of the Mack or Cat in HO?


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    probably not in HO scale since other manufacturers have done a great job with each.... Jordan with the mack and evergreen with the cat
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    Any future mining equipment releases?
  • Brett, I will spend copious amounts of cash for any mining thing you produce. Just sayin :P
  • Mining... might have a few things in the future - gotta get past the sawmill this year before mining however!
  • Brett, how many more kits do you plan on releasing for Deer Creek?
  • not too sure there is an answer to that Hector... I have several great designs and ideas that I want to model as part of dc...
  • After Central Camp I'm still hoping a Deer Creek Crate and Barrel factory (ok, if you insist, Box Factory...) will show up in a year or two. Something that uses the output of the sawmills and in both scales. Some type of manufacturing that uses raw lumber and doesn't turn out coffee tables...
  • would love to see a box factory or really nice planing mill
  • After reading a history of my local RR, the Chesapeake Western, how about a tan bark mill?
    The book is titled "The Crooked and Weedy: being a very informal, illustrated history of Virginia's most uncommon carrier-- Chesapeake Western Railway" by C Grattan Price
    Has some photos in it that would be helpful. Brett, if you decide to visit the area, let me know. I can show you all around! Shawn
  • Thanks for the info Shawn. Something to investigate...
  • I missed the donkey engines. Any chance they will be rerun.
  • yes, not sure when but they will be for sure. please check the homepage of my website for more details as to when they are available.
  • Any chance of you ever taking on the challenge of making some of the CHB kits available in HO?
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    Any chance of you ever taking on the challenge of making some of the CHB kits available in HO?
    NEVER. What makes the chb line so special is the unequaled level of accurate, to scale, details. They are very challenging to cast correctly in O Scale. Those same details once scaled down to HO would be impossible (not challenging if its impossible you know?) to cast beautifully- so compromises would have to be made enlarging or eliminating details. Not going to go there.

    Do keep in mind that different scales offer the modeler satisfaction in different ways. One of the joys of O Scale is the level of fine detail. Building the CHB kits is pure modeling joy and can be enjoyed by modelers who primarily model in a different scale. The notion of choosing just one scale to model in, or that one scale is better than another is just wrong... I understand there are reasons to choose just one scale and stick with it. All I'm saying is we make choices in all aspects of our life including our hobbies and I choose to enjoy multiple scales. Not suggesting it is the only way to go, but it is the best for me!
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