Final Photos; Completed Build O'Neills Fabrication 1:87

By: Ken Karns
No comments needed..for the record.













  • Ken
    You have captured the epic of building a wonderful display of a scene that will be admired for many years. Kevin was a good friend of myself and my wife Sandy he had spent many weekends with us and knowing him he would have played a round of golf dedicated to you.
  • Wonderful modeling, beautiful pics...
  • This is really incredible work Ken. Flawless.
  • Carl, there you go, that is a big part of why I was so honored to have been able to do the Official Forum Build of O'Neills. My motivation is my love of modeling but also the story each build exudes. I did not have the privilege of meeting Kevin but this is my way of honoring a great person and wonderfully talented fellow modeler. I figure he likes what he sees here at least I hope so! Thanks for your personal thoughts and your kind words...

    Thanks so much Brett and the above is directed your way as well. We've talked about Kevin in the past and through our conversations I feel like I know him just enough to have wished to have been his friend as well...

    Appreciate that Steve and is has been a real plus having you here on the forum and having the privileged to see your fine work.

    Thanks guys...Ken
  • Just fantastic. A few of the pictures look almost too real to believe. Again, fantastic.
  • I never tire from looking at your pics Ken. The mini scenes and attention to detail really put you in a league that only a few belong in.

    Bring on 2017 and more of your fabulous work bud.
  • Thanks much Carl. Enjoying your build...

    Wes, Thanks my man!...I populated this thread to allow something there for future reference and if someone peruses "finished builds" it will be there.

    Not sure yet what my next project will be...getting the itch already...Ken
  • You better scratch it brother.
  • Nah...too many killer SWSM kits to work up...
  • Not scratch build you fool. Scratch the itch. Now you have me laughing.
  • Oh..thought you were trying to lead me astray...I am awake, and I do smell the coffee brewing!
  • What am I going to do with you? Blue sky! Superb choice.
  • edited December 2016
  • Just Amazing !!!!!!
  • Thanks much guys. I really appreciate all the kind words and encouragement before during and after my O'Neills build. It means so much to know you guys are out there.
  • Ken, after following your wonderful build thread I now paid better attention to the various threads and noted I had not looked here on your finale pictures. They are outstanding as expected. A very nice setting for them to be taken in and just wonderful modeling. Thanks for sharing so much Ken.

    Kindest regards,

  • You bet Bill!...wanted to get the final pics of O'Neills 1:87 to populate this particular thread for any future "Final Photos" searches.
  • Wonderful! Wonderful!! Wonderful!!! Great job and up to your standards that we all can aspire to. Sorry I have not been around to comment on your build, but some health and other issues kept me from the doing so. I'm getting ready to start my journey through this project. Just finished my third time through the manual. Enough of the arm chair modeling, I need to get to work.

    David U
  • Well Hey David, nice hearing from you. Appreciate your support and nice comments. Such a motivation to get back to the bench, you guys are great. Hope you're feeling well and look forward to seeing and/or hearing how your work is going. Three reads through the manual before starting...hmm..seems about right! A good bit gets done before anything gets done...keep in touch, Ken
  • Darn you, Ken. Just when I think I’ve settled on buying the Loco And Service Shop, I went through your entire build thread and these remarkable photos.

  • I'm telling ya George you need to get all three!

    Thanks much for the kind words here George and O'Neills is a wonderful kit with a smaller footprint and diorama dimensions than the Loco and Service Shops. Tough decision when looking at all three and having to pick one...yikes!
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