O Scale Woodcutters and Rigging

I've been putting finishing touches on these two structures and surrounding "junke" for a few days after having a far too busy November. Each building is on a relatively small 1 inch thick pink foamboard and fits puzzle like into the layout.WoodcutterShack

An overview of the Woodcutter's Shack.
The TanksTanks

The assorted details on the left side of the shack

The area around the tank and cutting field


The Rigging overview

Assorted details next to the shed

Work Benches


The far side of the shed

The workbench near the junkpile


The rest of the junk pile


  • I am working on the rigging shed also so what you have done has given me a lot of good idea's
    Thank's for posting
  • Wow Carl! Outstanding. Weathering is spot on, scenery, clutter, everything looks terrific!!!
  • Carl, Very nice. I am impressed with your use of additional colors not normally seen. They enhance the built and in no way detract. Not easy to do, you did it well.
    Gotta go, Satchel and I are hungry.
  • Very nice job Carl. I'm especially impressed with acetylene tanks, the shinier exposed metal looks so real.
  • It looks really good
  • Hey Carl,

    Nice color variations on all your details. I also like those spools. What material did you use for the black cable..or is that part of the casting that you painted?
  • Wonderful work Carl. All your details look terrific and well placed. I'm with Alan, those cable spools are extremely well done. Wood coloring on both castings and it..Ken
  • Thanks for all of the positive feedback. Building these kits is great fun. All of the paints used are from Brett's SW paint kit. The cable spools were primed with a rattle can tan color and weathered with pastels the same as coloring wood for the structures. I used the metallic black color and dry brushed silver to get more sheen on the cable.
  • I looked again. Better than the first time. Carl, thank you for sharing and making all of us better.
  • I agree with everyone here Carl. Your modeling and weathering are just right. I really like the maul, garbage can, and cable spools. Just perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  • Incredible detail, great build.
  • Thanks, Leonard, it's fun building these kits. They have such great detail.
  • Going back through older threads and I tripped across this one by Carl Rowe.
    I missed it the first time around but so glad I've been able to study these pics today. There are many great facets to these pics, the small, subtle care in some areas is wonderful and easily over looked. I studied them for quite some time and kept finding hidden gems. Beyond the obvious. Great modeling.

  • Karl....there’s a lot of incredible information in these long buried threads...I’ve been working my way thru them for some time now....what a joy
  • Karl A,

    Thanks for bringing this build forward again.
    Another of Carl Rowe's fine builds for us to study and enjoy.
    Nice how Brett has catalogued builds for us to reference: 71 HO Scale Builds, 81 O-Scale Builds and 36 Completed Builds to be found in the left margin of the Forum Page.

    Later, Dave S Tucson, AZ
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