Final Photos - Twin Mills at Deer Creek - HO Scale

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Hey Gang,

Carl Laskey saved the Best for Last. Here are pictures from his Award Winning Diorama at the NMRA Show. Twin Mills at Deer Creek in HO Scale.

Not only an Awesome Job on this Massive Structure but also on all the surrounding scenery.

Thanks again for sharing with us Carl!

PS The last picture includes a shot of "Mini-Carl".

Final Mill1

Final Mill3

Final Mill4

Final Mill5

Final Mill6

Final Mill7

Final Mill8

Final Mill9

Final Mill10

Final Mill11


  • Thank you for posting these pictures. At this moment, I cannot get enough pictures of an award winning sawmill. Carl- could I assume you followed the Sierra West instructions when you finished the wood?

  • Mitch
    I did follow the instructions all of the way through, The only change was that I put the woodcutters shack in to the diorama.

    Thank you for looking.
  • Fantastic Carl! Firstly I admire anyone who has worked up Twin Mills, secondly to work it up as brilliantly as you have here supports your reputation as one of the top modelers around...terrific...Ken
  • Figures you'd be sitting on your duff while everyone else was working.

    A outstanding diorama and even better if you have seen it in person.

  • Thank's Guy's
    Easy on the complements I am very humbled by them.
    I have started a O scale shed it is good but I am staying with HO.
  • Carl, very, very, very good work. Thanks for sharing. Phil
  • Carl, Usted es una mala gato. Alan, thank you for posting the work of a genius.
    The two new additions are priceless.
  • I think this might have been the first build of this I saw in person. I know it was the first to win awards. What a stunner Carl. Many thanks to Alan for getting Carl's work posted for us all to enjoy! Need full size pics for the gallery AH...
  • Ed
    Thank You for the kind words now can you tell me what the first five words mean I hope that you understand that here in Vermont we are only speak cow.
  • Awesome! I remember reading the build thread of this on RR Line, but this is the first time I'm seeing these pictures. That additional guard that added into the log pond (to block the logs from the one area of the pond) is a cool feature.
    Did you end up putting this in your layout?
  • Thank's Bill
    No it is just sitting on the layout hopefully this winter I will get it in place.
  • Carl, Your words speak strength and beauty. That combination can only be expressed by few. First five words were a tribute to Bucky Katt from the comic strip Get Fuzzy. They are-You are one bad cat. I was also wondering if your Newf's dig cats?
    My dog Satchel is named after Satchel Pooch from the same comic strip. Their owner's last name Wilco comes from the band Wilco. Great strip. Not equal to Calvin and Hobbes, but than none are......ed
  • Thank's Bill
    No it is just sitting on the layout hopefully this winter I will get it in place.

    God I hope so. I'm tired of it sitting there all by its lonesome!!!!

    You owe us a call...


  • I will call today. ........Carl
  • I've seen this beauty a couple of times- the first was in Hartford CT where I believe it was First Place -Diorama at the NMRA National. Carl's model was and is very inspirational.
  • Thank's Mike.
  • as my jaw drops to the floor, feelings of inadequacy wash over me and the best i can come up with is, "WOW". amazing work.
  • Thank You Young Man for the kind words. ...........Carl
  • Kevin, The old fart can still do it. Hopefully we will see much more of his amazing modeling. I often wonder why we don't?
  • i look forward to it. that diorama is stunning,
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