Final Photos - Logging and Tractor Repair Shed - HO Scale

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Hey Gang,

Carl Laskey asked me if I would post pictures of his HO Scale Tractor Repair Shed diorama which was on display at the Narrow Gauge Convention in September.

Thanks for sharing it with us Carl!

PS Carl actually had some help building this one...the last picture shows the rest of the team.

Repair Shed 1

Repair Shed 2

Repair Shed 3

Repair Shed 4

Repair Shed 5

Repair Shed 6

Repair Shed 7

Repair Shed 8

Repair Shed 9


  • Very neat well executed model. I would think the helpers in the last shot, although well meaning, were not involved in the construction of this diorama.
  • Carl, very nice indeed! I have those same helpers, but only two. Phil
  • Wonderful job Carl. I love the pale sun bleached siding. Quite a crew you have around there!
  • Just great modeling in every way Carl. Nicely done!

  • Thank's Guy's for the kind words I am enjoying my time on the forum.

    Phil two of the dogs are gone the brown ones but no problem I have three new pups.

  • Looks Fantastic Carl. Great job.
  • Carl! It's good to see you checking in here! Wonderful work (as always) and Brett nailed it: that "bleached" wood coloring is really nice. It's a signature Carl Laskey effect!
    I also like the uneven ends on the roof...a subtle reminder that we're in the backwoods.

    Hope you're well!
  • Steve and Bill Thank you for taking the time to look at my work things here are OK taking care of Sandy is a full time job.

    Thank's Again
  • Having adapted (let me count) nine dogs, I must respectfully disagree with Mitch. Their paws may not be putting the kits together, but their love will enhance the quality of your work. I do every thing better because of the two most precious things in my life Barbara and Satchel.
    Carl, Your work is beautiful, and from what I gather so are you. Excuse my ignorance for not knowing who Sandy is, but I am sure you are able to handle many full time jobs.
  • Ed
    The dogs are the best six Newf's.
    Sandy is my wife who suffers from severe Alzheimers now.
  • In my opinion there is no bad dog, only bad owners. Yours appear to have a great owner. You see the love they receive in their faces. I know they return that love.
    Now your love for your wife must be at it's strongest. Barb and I will think of you often.
  • Carl, beautiful diorama. Love the siding treatment as well. Detailing is terrific, i keep going back and reviewing your pictures, great stuff.
  • Ken, I agree. Carl has sent me some emails and he and his wife's beauty far exceed his amazing modeling. Great family, great people.
  • Wonderful Carl. Are those silflor tufts you used for the grasses?
  • Thank 's Everyone for the kind words,
    Wes that is silflor and the product works great.
  • Impressive!
  • I'm about to start this kit and have discovered it is missing template "A". I think it would be difficult to try to make this kit without the template as it is the front wall. My hope is that you still have the kit and could make a copy of the template for me. Thanks.

    Jim Overman -
  • Jim,
    If you have no success finding it call me. 813-966-0613. Or e-mail me your address
  • Again Thank You coming from you is welcome. .................Carl
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