I would like to know what you all recommend for a base for the built model? Homosote, plywood, gaterboard, or?


  • Don't use homosote, it warps when it gets wet. I've used mostly pink foam but have used Gatorboard as well. GB works very well but is pricey...don't try to substitute for less expensive foam will warp as well.
  • Agree 100% with Bryan. Homasoat is a great road bed for trackwork but not for diorama's. I used it sometimes early on but switched to pink (blue in some areas of the country) housing insulation with fantastic success. Even on larger diorama's you can epoxy or hot glue layers together for strength if necessary. I used exterior grade 3/4" Plywood for many years but warping was always a concern. Not so with the insulation. Switched about ten years ago and never looked back!
  • Sounds good for the blue insulation. How thick should it be to be flat and do you laminate it to a piece of plywood to keep it flat?
  • I dig the Gator Board. If it's good enough for Howard Zane, it's good enough for me.
    Plus you want to put the best kits on the best support. Both kit and Gator Board are well worth it. You don't put a Porsche on retreads. You don't pull on Superman's cape. You don't pis....... Okay, okay.
    Seriously, it is strong, lightweight, will not warp, takes all paints, and is pretty much water proof. Pink foam is for female modelers, and blue is for male. If you mix them, well I refuse to comment on that. They have many great application outside of being used as the base for your diorama. For that use the Gator Board. In my humble opinion.
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