Door tracking

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I have been making a scratch build garage and when it came time to put the rear sliding door on I hit a road block, how to hang it and make the track for it . As I have liked the brackets that Brett puts in his kit of the shed and I do not have a laser to cut them I was well stuck . After a lot of head scratching I came up with an idea , taking the smallest solder that I had I wrapped it around a small paint brush handle to form a U shape , when it looked right I compressed it with a pair of pliers and got what looked liked a good match for what comes in the kit . A little trim and here it is .



  • Clever idea. I like the gray wood color on the door. How did you get that shade?
  • The boards where given a coat of Hunterline driftwood after they where distressed and set aside to dry . When dry I give them a wash watered down black craft paint ( Craftsmart) and let dry . After they dry I went over them again with a wire brush followed with a light dry brushing of white .
  • I've never tried the Hunterline, but have wanted to. It sure gives a nice look.
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