Is thinner glass or tarpaper better?

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This is an often debated topic when building a model. Sometimes I wonder if it really matters how thick acetate or tarpaper on a model. You only notice it when it does not look right of bulky. Then there is the question on how do you get more prototypical glass and tarpaper? Take a look at this quick tip to see how I try to answer this question. (Hint, it involves eating cinnamon rolls - hmmm!)


  • Marty, I do like your videos. Duly noted on the glass and tarpaper. Thanks. Phil
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    Great stuff Marty. Appreciate you sharing your expertise. I have a large notebook with just this type of stuff; methods, tips, etc...keep it up...Ken
  • Phil, Ken thanks for the comments. FB and YouTube are my notebooks for a hise things.
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