A cheap-better paint thinner

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I'm not sure if this video applies to anyone in this forum, or even if this is the right group to post it on.

When I was building a plaid box kit I tried using Rembrandt chalks to colour the surfaces with Yellow chalks. I found that when I used a chalk and straight alcohol the chalk mixture did not flow as I wished it would. In desperation I grabbed my Vallejo Airbrush Thinner and used it. I was surprised how well it worked. The Rembrandt chalks when mixed with the Airbrush Paint thinner seemed to flow like normal paint, but dried like chalk does. I was surprised how well it worked, then I remembered the price and the pain I had to go through to get some.

After some searching I found an artist who was making his own Airbrush paint thinner. I tried the formula myself and found it to be the same as the commercial brands. I was so excited about this being so good and CHEAP I could not resist making a Quick Tip video about it. Take a look at the video and give the technique a try.

I also, use this paint thinner for painting figures because the normal Vallejo paints are a bit too thick to retain details. It works there as well and has become a norm for painting objects.

Note, I do not use it when I am staining the strip wood and revert back to my "gunk" alcohol mix.


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