Dueling Shacks

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This kit(s?) looks interesting and I have mine on order as a way to efficiently get up to date with some practice on Brett's latest techniques.


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    two completely different shacks... one kit... great Move Brian. Will keep you sharp this Summer!!!
  • Since this is a new thread, how about some overt connection to the kit in question?
  • Her you go Mike.

    Looking forward to seeing what you guys do with these little beauties.
  • Sure, now that the home page has caught up with the forum...just sayin... :^)
  • What a great release! Love the corrugated shed with the dirt floor and the door is wonderful. The other shed with the tar paper and batten roof is a perfect compliment. Can't wait to see what you O Scale guys do with this...
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    Its definitely not just for the O scale guys Ken....

    This sweet little combo has been aimed at modelers in general, whatever scale they are modeling in.

    The kit is based all around techniques, regardless of scale, whether you already know the techniques and just want to hone your skills to perfection, or,
    if you want to learn new techniques you've never tried before and discover how rewarding and straight forward these techniques are to master.
    Many varied materials and outstanding techniques for all of them.

    This great kit has something for everyone, whether you have built all of Brett's kits in the past or this is your first one, everyone is going to get a lot out of this kit.

    HO modelers will be able to practice and perfect their skills in a larger scale which makes it easier to learn. Plus they'll end up with a great looking diorama to display and be proud of.

    O scalers will get the same rewards and will also end up with two great structures that will blend in any where they want them to with new original details, updated techniques and all of the SierraWest character and build experience.

    New modelers will have a chance to experience and learn the SierraWest methodology and the latest techniques, applicable to any scale in a manageable and satisfying situation.

    Experienced modelers will gain new techniques, original details and the enjoyment of keeping their skills sharp and practicing new ones, plus they'll get two great structures to display, on a shelf or on the layout.

    Everybody wins with this kit and gets a lot out of it. Such a great kit, and a great addition to the line, on many levels.
    I cant wait till Brett starts shipping this one and build it.

  • Mine are on order. I already have an Idea for them. Think Tool Time!
  • A nice pair of Shacks arrived on the door step today. These look like they are going to be a blast to build.
  • Have fun Dustin they are a great couple of structures . Get that mine finished first though.......

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