#204 HO railroad camp

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The following pictures are from DaveJ of his finished HO RailRoad Camp.
I love the kits Brett provides and have built a few with quite a few to go.
Here are a few select pics of the railroad camp, hopefully the pictures are included in the post (another learning curve)
all comments welcome as I am going to build another one
Nice work ! Very real looking
really nice dave - you captured the feel of the backwoods beautifully!
Great looking diorama Dave, I cant wait to look at them closer on my big screen when I get home from work later.

Well done Dave. Looking forward to following your next build here on the forum.


  • Well Dave,
    I've had a chance to thoroughly enjoy your pics on my larger screen and I can unashamedly say .....

    "Wow! that is some great modelling".

    I would have argued that it was O scale if I didnt know the truth, very nice work!!

    Weathering, details, scenery... all top 'notch'.

  • I always liked the look of the RR Camp kit. Dave's done a first rate job with it. The color tones and blending are excellent. Did you use the paints Brett recommends?

  • Hi Malcolm
    thanks , the basic stain colors follow Bretts instructions pretty much with some variation. I didn't have some of the colors he recommends so substituted similar paints and stains.
    I overdid the weathering on the barn with the coffee sign and used a razorblade to scrape most of it back, leaving the heavier weathering at the top of the walls.
    I changed the shed attached to the 2 story building by painting the walls a green color and adding a tin roof.
    My method is to play around adding stains etc until I come up a look I like. It varies with every building I make and I don't think any two have every looked alike.
    I have attached a couple more photos , one showing the original layout prior to scenery and detailing, the truck is a Jordan highway miniatures they make nice looking models.
  • great dio; I really like the ground cover and track work

  • Nudge...
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