Moving is the pits!!

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After 2,100 miles in two cars with two dogs, we have finally relocated to LA (Lower Arkansas). However, I have goods news and bad news!! First the good news - the Woodcutter's Shack survived the move.


I have two bits of bad news. First, my new fangled workbench is still in the box, waiting to get built.


Second, this is a picture of my new train room and workshop.


I guess it may be a bit before I'm back into production, but I'm enjoying watching your builds.



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    last pic looks awfully familiar!!! Glad you arrived safe and are getting it all back together... Good Luck!
  • Phil,
    That looks awfully similar to my future layout room in my garage and I have lived here 16 years!

    Glad you (and the Shack) survived the move. Good luck with the unpacking and moving in to your new space. Looking forward to some of your new builds.

    David U
  • Phil, now for your greatest challenge ... Finding that two truck Climax loco in the boxes. Lol.

  • On the flip side, yeah it may be full of crap right now, but, in a very short time you will have your own space in which to sit back, relax, take it easy and contemplate which masterpiece to create next.... many guys don't get that , so, clean that mess up and get that desk in operation, asap !!
  • Thanks guys. I appreciate the encouragement. Unfortunately with some upcoming business travel, it may have to wait a bit. Stay tuned. Phil
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