Painting Preiser Figures

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I deleted this post because the images were not showing up.

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  • Marty, you have written a great "how to" for an otherwise difficult task. Thank you for taking the time to pass on your knowledge and experiences!
  • The figure on the left on page 15 of 19 is my favorite. It's easy to forget these are HO scale.
  • Brian, no problem, I found it difficult when I had the wrong tools and paints, it is much easier now and rather enjoy it.

    Bryan, that's mine too with the third from the left is my second. They both have lot of character.

  • Found this site a long time ago...
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    Hi Mike, thanks for the url.

    I think I had read that site also. I found the method to be interesting; a lot of theory that I got confused at. If that method is to be taken to its logical conclusion you would need to know a lot more about the light source, temperatures, angle of light and intensity of light. Most of us never consider that when we are doing a diorama. So painting in the shadows becomes very compkex all of a sudden.

    While I would love to consider those aspects in the figures it would mean I would have to consider that with the structures and scenery in the diorama and where the diorama is placed in a room. I'm not that good of a modeller to consider those factors. That is why I paint the figures with little and subtle shadow effects and let the lighting around the diorama give the real shadows on the figures. Its much simpler and gives good results without thinking too hurts my brain! Lol

  • Marty,

    Super tutorial. I've started painting figures using tips I've read, but this will be a great help. I may even invest in a W-N Series 7 brush or two.

    David U
  • Two great tutorials for a task I don't really enjoy. I'll read both thoroughly and start making my HO figures look a little more realistic. Thanks Mark and Marty.
  • Hi I have question about Vallejo paint? When I paint my figures with Vallejo paint and then go to use an indian ink wash on it. the ink dissolves the paint and blends it all together. I use rubbing 70% alcohol in my mix. Is there a mix that will work ?

  • John, most acrylic paints are dissolved with alcohol. You can make a water based wash or use the wash available from Vallejo. Overcoating with matte varnish sometimes helps, but not always.
  • Thanks ! I will make a water based wash and see how it works.
  • Don't try to seal them with dullcoat before applying an A&I wash. as many of us have discovered the alcohol will turn the dullcoat 'chalky'. Good effect in some situations, but not this one.


    (another application of dullcoat will reduce/eliminate the chalk effect)
  • I haven't done this but I have a friend who allows the Vallejo to cure for several days before hitting it with the AI wash.
  • Some Priser figures I painted for a friend. Gray or black flat primer followed by Kraft paints with a ink/alcohol wash.
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