O'Neills Fabrication in HO Scale

In this morning's weekly SWSM website update (well, I only spotted the information this morning!!) Brett announced that O'Neill's Fabrication will be an upcoming release in HO scale. I have confirmed my reservation for this kit and really look forward to more details regarding the design in due course.


  • There are others there also.
  • There are others there also.
    You referring to others who have reserved the HO version (as have I also) or the long list of kits Brett has in mind for the next half-century? ;^)

  • I'm doing my best to stay alive to be able to build them all. I may have to sell a liver though.
  • Wonderful news of a much anticipated release...right on the heels of the awesome Deer Creek Mine kit release...SWSM is on a great run here! Ken
  • If this doesn't blow your mind you need to check your pulse!
  • A truly amazing kit. I can't wait to get it. Of course I have to get busy building the other kits. However, I'm very interested in Brett's new techniques as well as his use of video instructions. The one he posted on staining the wood is really short, sweet and to the point and exactly what I needed. Keep up the good work. Phil
  • Simply beautiful.

    Cant wait to get my grubby paws on the O scale version.
  • When I saw the images posted of Brett's new release; O'Neills Fabrication, I was blown away! What a fantastic structure full of character and all that old stuff we love to model. The concept of what O'Neills function is and how it will fit into the Branchline Alley Series of kits is an example of the forward vision Brett has with his products.

    One thing O'Neills brings, which is something Brett is known for, is that no matter what side of the structure you view it from the look is amazing. Full of details and wonderful architecture. In addition, there are casting and details on all sides, not just the "front" and sides but everywhere. And not just there for the sake of volume they are purposeful and thought out to allow the modeler to outfit O'Neills as the business it is designed to be. Home run on this on Brett...well done.

    Can't wait to get my hands on this one...Ken
  • Drool ......
  • Well stated Marty!
  • Incredible design Brett! I'm just catching up to the forum after too many weeks of business travel. I hope to have some real modeling time in the next week and a half.

    As Ken stated above, I love the back story that describes this business. It supports the detailed architectural design with a real working business in a believable model world. There are just too many great features in the design but I especially like the three story corner tower and don't get me started on all the new details that help create the scene. What really grabbed my attention was the sign. I've always tried to match the era of my advertising signs with the era of my modeling but adding that detail to the font and design on the building sign puts this kit over the top.

    To put it simply, this is a phenomenal tribute to a phenomenal modeler!

    Please, please, please don't make us O scale guys wait too long. I can't wait to get started on my own Branchline Alley.

    Happy Holidays Everyone!
  • What an absolute phenomenal offering from Brett. Thanks for another excellent kit. So glad you decided to make this a tribute to your friend. I can't wait to get my hands on it.
  • Fantastic kit. Doesn't look like Brett will run out of ideas anytime soon.

  • I agree Malcolm, what a wonderful design and Brett killed the diorama! One of the things that impressed me so much when I first looked at SierraWest Scale Models years ago was Brett's strategic planning in his kit design. All other manufacturers seem to put out kits random and haphazardly with no thought to a theme of how one kit fits into the others and how they build into a series or genre of kits. The kit I am building right now, The Loco & Service Shops released in October 2012, fits in perfectly with Brett's first kit released 17 years prior, The BlueSky Company! And so it continues, O'Neills Fabrication and the Branchline Alley Series of kits all with a common thread of seamless continuity.
  • Brett, wonderful video walkthrough on O'Neills! Very well done. If everyone hasn't seen need to...I really enjoyed Brett's narrative and the video quality is really good.
  • Brett, you have come up with another brilliant design. The video walkthrough shows a great way of introducing this new model. I can't wait until the O scale version is available, I definitely want one.
  • Looking forward to the O-Scale version.

  • WOW is all I can of your best for sure.....I am not sure I can wait for the O scale version....but I you can not rush perfection.....
  • brett,
    i want one of these, but not until after my N scale stuff is sold!
  • Thanks for all the kind words. This was an incredibly fun project and I am now deep into the O Scale pilot model build!
  • I received my kit yesterday. All I can say is simply amazing!!! The instruction book is over 100 pages long and more importantly contains detailed descriptions of Brett's newest techniques. Once I finish my water tower, I plan to build one of Brett's newest kits so I can take advantage of these new techniques even with the older kits I plan to build. Great job Brett!!
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    OK so i started to build this kit on Friday. just thinking about whats going on in this building .oxygen and acetylene, oil recovery and welding. you realize that oil and oxygen don't get along. and to add an ignition point like welding .that was very funny .Brett did you know .i was thinking just to make a big hole .that's all that would be left .it is real funny. will have to see if visitors get that when they come in. beSt regards Greg Whayman
  • Greg - a hole would be funny!

    Keep in mind the layout is planned and thought out with the different processes separated either in different building or outdoors... and it is a craftsman kit and I am working with a very limited amount of space as well!
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