Cedarhill Designs

Brett, I just saw your posting of Cedarhill Designs. Are you going to produce HO and O versions of the kits? Or is it a new line?



  • Congratulations Brett. I bought several of Carl's kits quite awhile ago before I found SierraWest. Which kits have you got the rights to?...David
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    For now, I am mulling over exactly what I will do with these great structural designs. They will be re-engineered and turned into complete SierraWest dioramas with all of the innovation and details that you have come to expect. I will be releasing HO and O Scale versions as they fit into my overall plans. Oh, and David, I purchased my favorite designs. I have been a fan of Cedarhill Designs for years! More information will follow on my website...
  • That's exciting. I always admired the design of their structures but never purchased one.
  • Great news, Brett! I'm really pleased that you will expand your re-engineered versions to HO scale and look forward to the resulting kits. I've only seen photos of Oscar Flats, the Woodworking Shop and Chugwater Junction and although I don't know which designs you've purchased I can envisage how this style of structure will fit right into the Deer Creek scene. Guess I'd better start putting aside some of my hobby budget!
  • Congrats Brett. I'm sure these will be an outstanding addition to the already wonderful kits you offer. I look forward to see what you come up with.
  • Very excited about this. I've always really liked these designs (particularly Oscars Flats). I have toyed with investing in a couple but always felt that while the design was great they needed a bit more clutter and detail. I'm so glad they have found the perfect home. I'm just wondering how you are going to produce all these fantastic kits ( and the dozen or so upcoming SW kits) with just 1 1/2 employees (sorry Karl, you're the 1/2).
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    I'm not even a half Joel. I don't do any part of the SierraWest work, Brett does it all.
    I'm lucky enough to help out on some of the pilot models but that is where it ends.
    SierraWest is 100% Brett's hard work.
  • Genius/Crazy where does one draw the line?
  • Crazy usually doesn't produce results like these!
  • I just saw this and Im over the moon. The kits were brilliant to start with, now they just going to be even better.
  • Anyone have a link to anywhere that shows these kits? I'm HO but would be interested in seeing what these looked like. Also wondering if Brett would be willing to comment on whether or not these could (if made available in HO) be adaptable to become part or all of the proposed Central Camp? I'm trying to determine where I'm going to place most of my structures and am tending to adapt my track plan to where I want structures rather than the other way around. There are tweaks of course...
  • The internet seems to be lacking in pics of the old cedarhill kits. Carl closed his business and shut the website down long enough ago that its all gone... Mike, patience my friend!
  • I found photos of 6 or 7 on the internet by Googling Carl, Cedarhill, etc. Most were on RRLine 7-8 years ago. Of course we don't know which of them Brett purchased. I did note that in one of the threads the late Brian Nolan raved about the look of Carl's structures.
  • Mike, I really don't think Brian ever raved... the boy knew how to party for sure....but rave?
  • Using the internet wayback machine, you can see some of the built up models here.

  • prsdgt65 or Frank, thanks for that link. I will search with Mike suggestions as well later on.

    All these models are absolute winners, perfect for a mining or logging layout.

    Brett, where is the Reserve Now link???? And please take my money already....
  • Brett, this is very exciting! Congratulations . . .

  • just wondering whatever happened here.... very cool looking structures. are they coming back to life?
  • Yes, they are amazing designs Kevin! I already utilized one for the basis of O'Neills and have plans for the next one, even have the main structure built. So yes, they have already come back to life!
  • Kind of like "Frankenstein" it comes to life!!

  • I bought a Jeb's Place several years ago, and started assembling it, but can only find a couple of walls. As I recall, the designs were fantastic, but the instructions and engineering left a bit to be desired. I'll be anxious to see what you do with these Brett.
  • please share your progress.....
  • I would be interested too.. :wink:
  • That's makes three of us!!
  • engine909 said:

    I like to follow the rules.

    Must have been a New Years resolution gone bad!!

    You know I like you right!!


  • heheheh....
  • I purchased the rights to the designs only from the owner, Carl. I have no legal rights nor desire to re-release his kits, only to utilize the design elements in my kits like I did for O'Neills.

    Ed, go for it! Post your build. I will jump is and re-emphasize the information presented here!
  • I don't believe it, Ed is going to post a build? I almost fell out of my chair.
  • i've seen a few of em and he really does nice work.
  • we're all pullin' for you big ed!!
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